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Nixon Farewell Speech
August 9, 1974: Farewell speech to White House staff

In a television address to an audience of 100 million viewers, Richard Nixon announced his resignation on August 8, 1974. He said he made some wrong decisions, but that he was resigning because he no longer had the support of Congress. He formally resigned on August 9.

Nixon giving farewell speech to staff
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On August 9, 1974, Gerald Ford was sworn in as the 38th President of the United States.

On September 8, President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon for any crimes he may have committed or participated in while in office.

In the face of surging oil prices, President Ford proposed a program on October 8 to control inflation, called WIN (Whip Inflation Now). Ford also called for a five percent tax surcharge on corporate profits and on personal incomes of more than $15,000.

On December 10, Wilbur D. Mills, Democratic Representative from Arkansas and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, resigned his chairmanship after several highly - publicized incidents linking him with stripper Fanne Fox.

Resignation letter
      From National Archives

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