Journal E Illusions and Delusions: The Watergate Decade Journal E: The Watergate Decade

Walk With Light
Kansas City, Mo. street corner during presidential campaign stop, 1976

In March, 1977, Congress adopted a new House ethics code, which limited outside income for House members, restricted gifts by lobbyists and broadened financial disclosure requirements. The Senate adopted a similiar code.

On September 21, Office of Management and Budget director Bert Lance resigned after harsh criticism of his past financial practices as a banker in Georgia.

On December 20, 1977, President Carter signed legislation authorizing a Social Security Tax increase, which was expected to cost workers and employers $227,000,000,000 in the next ten years.

On June 6, 1978, voters in California voted by 65% to 35% for Proposition 13, a California constitutional amendment that would reduce property taxes by 57%.

Photo © 2001 Mark Godfrey