Foster Crawford. Who participated in the killing of Frank Dorsey, late Cashier of the of the City National Bank, Wichita Texas. February 25th 1896.

Elmer Lewis. Alias "The Kid." One of the murderers of Frank Dorsey. Cashier of the City National Bank, Wichita Falls, Texas. February 25th. 1896.

Samples of the many criminals hatched and protected by the Federal Government in the Fort Sill Country, Indian Territory, who kill law abiding Citizens. The Federal Government not the people of Texas, are responsible for the murders committed.

Mail this to your Congressmen with the request to use his influence and vote for the settlement of that country by civilized people.

The placement of the corpses, side by side with heads raised as if on a pillow, demonstrates a peculiarity of western lynching photographs, some of which closely resemble postmortem photographs of the period.

The sensational aspects of extralegal violence were exploited by religious organizations, race supremacists, civil rights groups, photographers, and journalists to increase organizational growth, excite social activism, maintain racial dominance, solidify racial unity, and in this example to manipulate public opinion and increase political voice.

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