Camera captures my spirit, pulling it toward light to peaceful places. Inner strength considered, strength of prioritizing what's important to me, what's enjoyable. Discarding emotional garbage and unnecessary conditions. Strength imparted by a virus that weakens and creates a void where stood a foundation of friends. The irony is that I believe the answers lie deep within my own being.

I have loved kindly and accomplished much. Before countless others I have sung on stage in rock star guise and tuxedoed manner. I have been published nationally and in other world parts. I have known the warm new embrace of family. I have smiled and been smiled upon. I have danced and humbled before the true comfort of friends.

Happy to be caught for someone else's memory. Inward - I strike my Diana Ross pose and hear guardian angels howl with with laughter and approval! I am now one of those soldiers I have eulogized so often. Closer still to the front line, wounded but fighting on in this war for our lives.

- Errol Edwards
New York City, New York

Errol died on November 2, 1992