We live because we love, and because we love we live. Our family is together and remains together even when we are hospitalized apart because we love.

We are all HIV+:
Joel, a bright jewel of innocent laughter; Angel, a mass ball of positive energy; Noel, (born with the virus but zero-converted before age two), a shimmering mass of song and dance; Steve, a gentle, human love. These have made my life alive. This Laughter, Energy, Song and Dance and Gentleness gives us the strength to continue.

And, when I am tired and can no longer continue in this world. And when my turn comes, I feel comfort in knowing that I will be there to hold their hands, to kiss their lips, to envelope their souls and welcome them forever.

There are many kinds of healing and death is one of these.

- Joel Arce, Luis Arce, Angel Glover, Steve Koceja and Noel Arce
New York, New York