Balkan Portraits


Balkan Boy

"Tha pictures are great. I was born on the Balkans and it is realy nice to see site like that. I can give you more materials(a friend of mine have big collection of pictures) if you are interested <a href=>contact me</a>."

George  ManagerUK, London

"A phenomenal page with rare photos of the European heartland - the Balkans; woow, this is a little gem:-)


azer  etudiantoran,algeria.

azer  etudiantoran,algeria.

"To Alan and his staff:
Lely Constantinople and I just looked at the Balkan website of my father's pictures and wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you and your staff did. We like the layout - particularly the juxtaposition of the sound bytes with the images. The design of the pages with the green background is pleasant and easy to navigate.

Please let me know of any reactions.

Again with our highest compliments and best wishes,
Volkmar Wentzel and Lely Constantinople"

Volkmar Wentzel  PhotographerWashington, D.C. 20008

"At the moment i live in italy, and when I saw this reportage, I just started thinkin' that it is so cool. The photos reminded me of the movies the albanian cinema used to produce, and they are just the same...
Thank you for this reportage, and what it brought out of me..."

Jonida  Student Albania Tirana