Banat: The Forgotten Czechs

"Wonderful photos. Do you have any photos or information about Nemet Pereg (now known as Peregu Mare), the Banat village where my Czech great-grandparents came from? Thanks."

Lee Ann Bourcier  leeannb@teleport.comOregon, USA

"Iva, I like your Banat photographs a lot. I've gone to the Journal E site several times to view your work. I like the way you see."

Kurt Smith  PhotojournalismSeattle, WA USA

"An absolutely lovely site! Beautiful composition and color selection.


Steve Herold  sherold@ix.netcom.comCosta Mesa, CA 92626 USA

"I have just seen your photos of the Czechs from the Banat region and I'm impressed and inspired by them. An interesting mix of the familiar with the mysterious. "

Joel Wanek  Ourmutt2@aol.comSt. Louis, Mo.

"I found the photographs interesting on the Banat Czechs. Is it possible to order copies of these photos, and what are the prices?"

- Franklin Baitman IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center