Bike Week

"would like to know more bout ur activities and purposes"

Raj Gopalkrishnan  softwaresMumbai,Maharashtra,India

"I thought the photos were very artistic and showed a more playful side to bikers!"

Ruthie McCoy  StudentKingman, AZ


barry benowitz  marketingtorrnace ca usa

"Great eye for design and creativity.

Billy Gordon  Entertainer BikerHuntington Beach CA USA

"Being an avid motorcyclist and serious amateur photographer, Mr. Uzzle's photography captures the moment of "bikers" superbly! It's almost like being there, right next to the photographer. I have seen these sights at many motorcycle rallies. Thanks to Mr. Uzzle for allowing us the opportunity to view his work! Outstanding!"

Frank  Federal Law EnforcementOklahoma

"I really enjoyed the Burk Uzzle photographs. I have been going to Sturgis since 1988 and have a great time and get some great photographs. I was wondering what kind of film he uses. Does he shoot in b&w or color? I don't even know if someone answers questions here or not so I will cut this short. Thanks"

Joe Rife  Fine Art and stock for 10 years.Steamboat Springs, Co. USA

"Was trying to get an e mail to the author/photorapher. I have photograhed bike week over 20 years myself and sold many phots to magazines under the name The Breeze our paths must have crossed many times and just wanted to say hi"

Michael Cole  PhotographyWaterloo,SC USA

"cool site....."

Jacky  web designerTaiwan

"Wonderful pictures of bikers in Daytona. Many of them I could look at forever and enjoy. Thank you very much for them."

George Waldman  Detroit journalism photographerDetroit, MI, USA