Birth: The Opening Act

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"These photographs are so extremely one dimensional, so detached, so empty, it hurts my feelings. I might as well go watch television."

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"great series of pictures. How agonizing to be harvesting photos while such intensity demands other involvement. What a gift! Thank you! Inspiring!"

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"Nice,tastefully done, a really great job...almost as good as your wife appeared to do. Best of luck to all of you...thanks for sharing with us."

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"Congratulations to you and mom. Hope daughter is doing well. What a very nice presentation."


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"That is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen in a photograph. Is she still as beautiful as the day she was born? "

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"I think that this was wonderfully done. It will be very exciting for little Sabrina to know that she was on the internet for all to see. She is beautiful. I commend and thank the parents for sharing this wonderful event with all of us in Internet Land."

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