Body Parts

"These photos are amazing, Most people do not get the chance to see these mechanical/man made body parts.they were captured in a way that was so beautiful and natural that it was like capturing the human body itself."

liz baker  photography studentLA, CA, USA

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guyolhh  htyrfvvgbliuyt

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kisuk Yoon  studentSeoul Korea

"interesting subject and very nice photographs. As a user of parts ( that didn't come with the original issue) few people know or care to know what is out there. It makes people realize that they too,might someday be less then "perfect"."

J.R. Burgett  Photographer/IllustratorPA,USA

"How very cool!
I enjoyed the process shown through the photos at the site.
Great clarity and interesting subject material. Makes me think. You should send this stuff to my parent company "Bristol-Myers Squibb attn:Zimmer Division and let them see it for themselves!

David Kroth  Web IllustratorPrinceton, NJ, USA

"I liked the article. It's a shame you spelled "molybdenum" wrong in this graphic (the first in the article)"

Brad Katz  software/project management/education

" This could have been a lot more entertaining. It's good that you want to show people the replacements of body parts but make it more interresting. Don't get me wrong, you are doing a good job. "

Ronnie Landfair Jr.  actorLaPlace, Louisiana 70068