Cape Codless

"like the old addage goes you can only catch it once"

davmori  davmori@  exfishermani in ukin spain

"Production usually requires the services of land, labor and capital. Fishing is the only industry that I know of that does not have to acquire one of the three: land, or its equivalent. Therefore, fisherman are free to strip the oceans because they belong to everyone and few governments are willing to champion community rights over individual rights. "

Norman Douglas  economistMilford, CT

"We were delighted to see 'our story' ... Cape Codless. It was a difficult time in our lives and Michael Lutsky did a wonderful job on the piece with some amazing photography. We would love to hear from Michael again and say Thank you for an incredibly moving piece.
John & Gail Vasques"

John and Gail Vasques  Whale Watch CaptainProvincetown, MA USA

"Yes! Quicktime 4 content! Hope you use lots of it...nice piece"


"Beautiful little story - really like a snapshot. Personal, moving, simple. Greatly enjoyed the video. So nice to have a "personal size story" that's simple and clear in an age of increasing complexity! Enjoyed too, the simplicity of listings and layout in the resource section."

Jan Stoltman  Writer/coachNew York, N.Y. , U.S.A.

"I realy enjoyed or let better say I was moved by the Cape Codless Video/Multimedia page by Michael Lutzky.
I just ask my self who will buy my cameras back, because of over-harvested photoscene. I mean here in europe they pay the farmers for not using the fields, because there is to much food, wine , what ever on the market. So what about paying an old photographer for letting the cameras in the closet. I would take the the money ...
No No No ... serious.

Thanx to Michael Lutzky for his strong work.

- Tom Sandberg"

Thomas Sandberg  PhotojournalistBerlin, Germany