Cassadaga: A Spiritual Community

"Nice work Gary!
I enjoyed the images.
Made me want to meet some of those people.

Ralph  Lawyer/Philosopherwinter park

"I would like to visit Cassadega and would like information on were to stay. CanI speak to some of the residents of the Camp? Please E mal me. Thank you. Betty Salvo"

Betty Salvo  RetiredBuxton, N.C. 27920

"I'd like to ask permission to use Gary Moroe's photos from Cassadaga in a student documentary film that I am working on.
I am a Flim Student at Florida Metroploitan University in Melbourne Florida...please let me know.
Ryan L. Lewis."

Ryan Lewis  Film StudentCocoa, Fl usa


Please visit MyWebSite for summaries of my books -- one entitled "CASSADAGA.".

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Thank You,
Virgil Allen Wulff"

Virgil Allen Wulff  Research Engineer/AuthorTampa, Florida, USA


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--Mike Espar Webmaster,


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