Cigar Bars

"I am in the process of building my own cigar bar and I need some ideas on how to design the inside. I am seeking pictures of existing bars, ideas or even a web address to help in the process, thank you."

Thomas C. Mundy III  Bar TenderJacksonville Beach, Florida, US

"Photographer must be congratulated for the excellent quality of pics in this essay. Super job and vivid representation of the popular world of cigars."

erik purdew  teachergreensboro, nc; USA

"Dear Journal E:
I am currently working to complete a graduate thesis and am interested in obtaining any information concerning the recent rise in the demand for scotch whiskey. I know that along with the rise in interest in cigars comes the same trend for scotch, especially among young professionals.
I am attempting to show the impact of this on the U.S. trade economy. Would you have access to any publications, articles, etc. concerning this subject (or know who might have)? Any related web sites you may suggest would also be helpful. THANK YOU in advance for your time!!
David Moody
Troy State Univ. Montgomery"

David Moody  StudentMontgomery Al. (U.S.A.)

"From a typical woman,
Smoking sucks - cigars smell really strong. Another way to dominate woman? Yuk - it stinks too!!
Nice try golf and tobacco industry. Puck!!
Just Me"

Colleen Wozniak

" Very good idea, i hope u can jump here to shot some pictures, i'll be pleased to guide you in very nice places like "il baretto di S. Vigilio " in Bergamo city.
best regards.

giandomenico intignano  manager,  Milan, ITALY

"Love to find new and interesting places and things to do. I travel extensively to the east and can't wait to try the next cigar-friendly restaurant.

SMOKE 'EM IF YOU GOT 'EM the lamp is on."

- Rick Kolster Sales/Sales trainer - former nightclub owner

"Am I missing something or is the hype just photos and some noise - tell me about the damn cigar bars - I want pictures, yes, true, but I want some info as well - where, when, entertainment, what they have to smoke."

- Robert