When Flowers Fall

"Thank you. Both my mother and my husband's are living alone in their homes, for which we are very grateful. Both are sometimes lonely, but they are also independent and relatively healthy. We can offer financial and emotional support, but cannot stop the passage of time and the effects of age. Their triumphs and compromises serve to educate us in the art of growing old. We hope we can be as graceful in our decline as they have been in their own. Your article was beautiful and heartbreaking; like our own experience with our lives and those of our parents."

Joan Wraxall  wraxall@home.com  Forensic SerologyRichmond, CA USA

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"I am new to the internet and just happened upon your photo essay while surfing. When Flowers Fall is the most beautiful and touching work I have ever seen."


"I was amazed at the depth and attention to detail in this presentation- it lended to a level of professionalism that is refreshing to see. Thank you for shocking us with the truth."

Drew Coon  dcoon@techteam.com  Computer Support ProfessionalNorth Richland Hills, TX United States

"Jennifer's stories on the Japanese aged and children in Africa are truely captivating. You truly bring home to the reader/viewer. Presention is beautiful and stylish, but the pictures, especially of the children are just too small. I nearly had my nose smudging the monitor -- and my nose isn't very long. Keep up the good work Jenifer and everyone else at Ejournal and thanks for the great presentations all around. Sincerely, Cesar Laure

ps: although I haven't seen all the stories, David Butow's Hollywood pictures are wonderfully sobering."

cesar laure  laure@mcall.com  photojournalistAllentown, PA

"A sensitive and moving story-portrait, realistically told and beautifully executed. Enjoyed the simplicity and the juxtaposition of symbols of beauty with the often harsh images of aging and illness. "

Jan Stoltman  rjstoltman@earthlink.net  Writer/business & personal coachNYC, N.Y. USA

"An excellent work !
I think this is a real story of life for everywhere in the world. It is a pity to forget the elderlies which makes us to grow up ."

Safa  safatopbas@usa.net  EngineerIstanbul,Turkey

"I am very impressed with the portrayal and presentation of this article (beautiful work, user friendly, best use of the latest technology that I've seen yet). The nursing homes in Japan seem more compassionate than their American counterparts (though this is probably not the case everywhere), but the abandonment of the elderly is a hard thing to deal with. I have an adopted "Obaachan" in Kamakura, and I hope that she never undergoes this fate."

Wendy Dinsmore  diinzumo@yahoo.com  Graphics software QA (Japanese)San Jose CA USA

"nice job, jennifer! beautiful package."

Andrew DeVigal  andrew@devigal.com  Information DesignerSan Francisco, California