Fragile Worlds

"I can say that it is not only a story,but a perfect vision of life's itself that is not wanted to be seen by most of the people. "

Kerem  amateur photograpgerTurkey

"To Whom It May Concern,

I recently read an article titled "Fragile Worlds". First let me say, thank you very much for publishing this wonderful article. I too am working on an article about the foster care system which was part of the reason I stopped by. I found the link through a message board I stumbled upon at

The main reason I'm writing is to offer some advice. Although the topic is a good one, there are several grammar and spelling mistakes that makes the article look like it was never editted. This was very disconcerting for me for two reasons. As a reader, I had to decipher what the writer was attempting to say, and as a writer it made me cringe because you never, never want to have obvious errors in your work.

Another problem I had with the article was the format. I appreciate the effort exerted through use of radio and photography but the pictures that were interspersed throughout the article were incredibly annoying. I didn't even look at them as I was interrupted in the story and wanted to finish it. The format was far too small, only allowing a paragraph or two of text then two pictures or more. I appreciate the amount of effort that went into the article but I found myself skimming because of all the interruptions. I would sincerely consider changing the format of the pages, especially if all of the articles are like that.

Your attempt at originality is good but I felt like you'd lost touch a little bit with your readers. I don't mean this to be mean but I don't know how many people will have given you an honest opinion and I'm hoping to help this site grow.

I'll be back to check out more of your articles. Thanks for this honest story.

Sincerely yours,

Charity Van Vleet"

Charity Van Vleet  Secretary/Freelance WriterGainesville, FL, USA

"There is a difference in simply taking a photograph, and showing emotion in a image, that allows people to experience the story. I have greatly appreciated Fragile Worlds, because it has reminded me as a photographer what my job is about. Thank you "

Natasha  Freelance Photographer/WriterVictoria, British Columbia, Canada

"Great Pictures...!


"Wow, Timothy: Simply beautiful. I had a hunch you were pretty I know. Hope we can work together some day. --Sincerely, Sheela"

Sheela Wolford  WriterBklyn, NY USA

"Really moved by these photos and words. Also thought the presentation on the web worked well."

sian  graphic designTucson, AZ

"I like your pictures.


Jeremy Espino  DoctorBrooklyn, NY

"This story has been very well put together. I clearly see that the photographer has taken really serious this assingment. If Tim sees this response plese get in touch i want to ask him about his photography."

Gonzalo Cruz  Student/ CCNYBronx, NY

"I'm familiar with Mr. Fadek and his work. The time and care he takes professionally is the same commitment he's shown to these troubled kids. Congratulations, Tim."

Joe Chiffriller  production coordinatorNew York, NY USA

"very powerful images...
setting up what the "house" is about is nice.
the closing remarks were a little harsh. But, as with most small, private institutions, money and time often are the things that are hard to find- investing in these kids takes sooooo much work...and often it seems we discard these fragile creatures...
enough of my diatribe. I really enjoy the site, and the piece.
thank you,
doug anderson"

douglas anderson  director/producernew york, new york, USA

"Beautiful pictures, very moving, I hope that these children have found happiness and peace in their lives and a feeling of begin loved and wanted. Maybe some follow on pictures of the children and steinway in the future.

Anne Joseph  consultantlLondon, England

"I am particularly moved my the marriage of these insiteful images and the quotes you used especially Baldwin's(p9) and Bachelard(p4). These images are powerful I think because your are relating spatially to children who themselves interperate the world spatially(Baldwin). Photography being a right brain activity really amplifies this. I worked as an assistant animator with financially challen'd inner city kids though not in a highly organized grp setting as yours. One of them was only 14 years old and he was an uncle already. These 3 yrs duly humbled me as love was spontaneously give back unexpectedly to me. I hope it helped shaped my photography subsequently though my camera was broken at the time. I admire what you have done here. "

Bruce  biomed. tech./advanced amatureMontréal, CANADA