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"sad out, but fight. dont trust who you fight for.coz you love your country. thats an English x forces man ."

red  british armyuk


yho  besmilano

"I just wanted to say that John Clang's Photography is beautifully serene and I hope to someday read a photobook on his photography!!!!"

dpauker  patronWest Hills, CA 91307


"I'm a World CIV Student at USM and i check this page out for a class and i can truly say that i enjoyed it and i wiil be back again. See u soon Sara"

Sara Marine  StudentHattiesburg,MS,USA

"I am a USM student taking a World Civ Class.
This was a neat site I will surely recommend it to my friends and others to check out. "

Natalie Thompson  studentHattiesburg,MS, USA

"I found the pictures upsetting, to see people enjoying somthing like that. I also did not relize all the different placed that this took place. Pictures are very realistic. Matt Fox"

Matt Fox  Mfox3@indstate.eduTerre Haute, IN, USA

"I found this site very informative and interesting."

kmillington  studentterre haute, IN USA

"I enjoyed this site and found it interesting!"

jdecker6  studentSouth Bend, Indiana, USA

"I think that the whole thing was bullshit and taken was taken care of very poorly by pres bush "

Nicole  Highschool graduatecanandaguia

"I remember having watched the Tower burning under chock in a conference room with colleagues, and when they collapsed with all the lives, I could read the sadness on everyoneís faces, and could not beleive that their lives ended without the hope of eternal life. I pray for the families and friends of the September 11 victims. I offer this web page as well as the performance of my musical composition for their memories for we never forget the price of our freedom:"

Michel Maher  Lawyer Canada

"I remember having watched the Tower burning under chock in a conference room with colleagues, and when they collapsed with all the lives, I could read the sadness on everyoneís faces, and could not beleive that their lives ended without the hope of eternal life. I pray for the families and friends of the September 11 victims. I offer this web page as well as the performance of my musical composition for their memories for we never forget the price of our freedom:"

Michel Maher  Lawyer Canada

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mehoff, jack  take a wild guessPaso Robles

"can anyone help me in finding out the best way to go about becoming a photojournalist, most specifically in france? i'm 19 and i really want to go down 'the right road'.
a big thank you to anyone who replies, your help is most greatful!!!"

angie  student in lawbordeaux france

"These pictures are quite horfific. What i find it hard to be lieve is that someone whould choose to make post cards out of these scenes of outrageous injustice. The thing i have most trouble view ing are severed limbs. It's inhuman."

Idris Evans  StudentSouth Orange, NJ, 07079

"In response to the lynchings... It's a sick world that we lived in. I'm glad that this type of evil isn't acceptable today."

Matt Straff  StudentPhiladelphia, PA, USA

"Good site, good public service"

Rob  Student HIST202Philadelphia, PA

"I didn't know much about American history, but I learned from History 202. Thank you, Prof. Greason."

Edlira Spahiu  StudentPhiladelphia, Pa.

"Great site, very informative!"

Michael Rotoloni  studentPhiladelphia, PA

"Without Sanctuary:
It is really ashame what these white people did to the African Americans. No human being should ever be treated the way they did. These photos are disturbing to view and are a priceless collection of our nations history."

Vincent Tuscano  StudentPhiladelphia, PA

"After viewing the pictures from Without Santuary, its hard for me to understand how this country became so great. The labor put into this country was dreanched with the blood of so many black slaves, and I pray that there will never be a period in time again."

Rachel KaithakattuPhiladelphia, PA

"a great learning experience, "

Shahzad Shah  studentphiladelphia, PA, USA

"I am signing this for a one point extra credit for my HIST 202 class. Thanks, Mr. Greason."

Bob Varghese  StudentPhiladelphia, PA USA

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"i added my name to the guestbook"

Ben Reisse  historyphiladelphia, pa

Macintosh... IMac...
Thanks! - write me back for any INFO!"


"I need pics from the 1970's 2 each dealing with Social Issues, American Culture, and Econmic Issues.... PLZ if u can get them for me asap i would be very thankful.... or if u could send me websites where i can find them..."

Jaime  High school JR

"I need pics from the 1970's 2 each dealing with Social Issues, American Culture, and Econmic Issues.... PLZ if u can get them for me asap i would be very thankful.... or if u could send me websites where i can find them..."


"As a young black male I new of lynchings of African American men which it was all that I had expected. I am not even amazed at the cruel treatment that was forced upon these people. Lynching was used to send a message to the African Americans through fearful tactics and humiliation. I will always wonder how good ole upstanding white folk believe that history affects the future of a race of people."

Jack M  studentOklahoma Ctiy, Okla U.S.A.

"Interesting website. Good personal account of what a person felt by viewing the various photos of slaves. I think though that b/c the photos are a bit pixelated (maybe b/c the flash has to take up very little space for the 56k users) it detracts from the experience, but there is a photo part on the website which is very good too.


Dane Whaley  StudentPhiladelphia,PA,US

"Hey I'd like to say that your pictures are really great.
And that you should keep taking pictures, because I think your photography is the best I've ever seen. Keep up the good work."

Megan  Phyerwerks@aol.comCherry Hill, NJ , USA

Martin Wagner  PhotographyPrague Czech rep.

"Those pictures are great. they actually just motivated me more towards going there. I also see that doing Jrotc and Cap can help in many ways. I have a question, would someone who went to the academy have a greater chance at be a pilot in the navy than a person who did NROTC at another college?"

Jordan Rich  Highschool student in JROTC and Civil air patrolATL GA USA

"Deseo Sugerir al Gobierno de Estados Unidos:

Que en el espacio fÌsico que quedo despuÈs del infame y criminal atentado en el World Trade Center "Torres Gemelas", se construya la Casa de Dios; donde estÈn congregadas todas las religiones que existen en el planeta, en honor a los miles de inocentes victimas de todas las nacionalidades, que perecieron en este desastroso e increÌble acontecimiento.


Atentos Saludos
Ing. Carlos E. Zambrano Z.



Carlos E. Zambrano Z.  Ingeniero Huaquillas,Ecuador

"Dude, where are your bibliographies?"


"awefull acts"

"I think the photos of the lynchings are very disturbing and sad , to think that people would not have compassion or respect for another human being. It is horrid to think this was done in the last 100 years during a time we supposingly have more wisdom and look out for the rights of the human. To think someone would think of someone as a lower race not worthy of life or a fair trial because the color of the skin. I am a believer in corporal punishment but to be done with a fair trial and dignity having respect for the families and for the person. Thank you for making people aware of these terrible acts, hoping that it will help people to look at these racial acts of hate in a different life. Dan E Newton "

Dan E Newton  Medical lab Technician/Ordained ministerOklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

"For my politics class I have the topic of Watergate. Although I have many sources of information about the topic, I have yet to find ways to explain how Watergate still affects us today. If you could give me some feedback on this issue it would be greatly apreciated! Thanks "

Jaime  College StudentMankato Mn USA

"this is not real because you don't know iam sewing you people"

Dr. james g interm  221hot news  doctorkansas citc mo

"I am commenting about the photos titled "WITHOUT SANCTUARY" which display a chilling depiction of a time in American history which has striking similarities to the Holocaust. I am an African-American and, upon viewing these photographs, I experienced similar reactions that a Holocaust victim would have experienced. I am somewhat by the level of callousness displayed through the eyes of the white spectators, caught on camera by the photographer, while in attendance at a lynching "session." In my opinion, these photographs should promote a serious dialogue about slavery reparations due to the ancestors of African slaves in America. These photographs depict the worst type of human rights violations and really should be documented as such."

ruth johnson  legalLas Vegas, Nevada, USA

"I think that this website is great, but it is difficult to use because you have sooo many pages! If you put it in the form of a timeline, a line that shows the majot events in time, and then with each of those major events was a link to where you could find out more about these facts!

Nicholas Toothaker"

Nicholas R. Toothaker  Student at Noble High SchoolNorth Berwick, ME, America

""a friend with weed is a friend indeed but a friend with golds the best im told""

mercadies  studentwest middlands

"I im 19years old and my biggest fear always being afraid of losing someone, and to think that such a tragedy could happen and take so many lives away is outrageous. i have never seen anything so horrific in my life, i am heading to AMERICA in October (montana) for 2mths and i cant wait 2 meet the americans. i respect you all as you are all such special people and for sept 11 to happen is so unfair sometimes i wonder will life always be so cruel.

you are all so strong and you send out so much encouragement to us all, for all those who lost someone and as well as all of you who are still suffering....

"you all will be in my thoughts"

be strong as there are so many beautiful angels looking down at you!! :)"

kathy moffett  moffett_21"  StudentNewry - N.Ireland -

"I im 19years old and my biggest fear always being afraid of losing someone, and to think that such a tragedy could happen and take so many lives away is outrageous. i have never seen anything so horrific in my life, i am heading to AMERICA in October (montana) for 2mths and i cant wait 2 meet the americans. i respect you all as you are all such special people and for sept 11 to happen is so unfair sometimes i wonder will life always be so cruel.

you are all so strong and you send out so much encouragement to us all, for all those who lost someone and as well as all of you who are still suffering....

"you all will be in my thoughts"

be strong as there are so many beautiful angels looking down at you!! :)"

kathy moffett  moffett_21"  StudentNewry - N.Ireland -

"comments about vietnam, inc.
i haven't been to this website in a long time. i tend to visit it when i have time to luxuriate in the photos, in their smooth and often haunting presentations. i was drawn to this vietnam story... eager for each caption to explain each complex image, letting the captionless ones speak eloquently for themselves.
then i came across this caption, about vietnamese girls as prostitutes:
"VIETNAMESE GIRLS, despite their great beauty, make very bad prostitutes, as they know nothing of seduction and hate their clients. Possibly the most unliberated women outside Islam, they are thrust into prostitution from as early an age as twelve and alway hate it."
Kinda killed the experience for me, as i am a woman - inside Islam - who is as liberated as they come. and yes, I do wear a headcover. and yes, i have a voice and a brain and opportunities, and i use them, and i think about and question my own faith and become stronger in it and i'm - NOT - OPPRESSED!!!!
if we can PLEASE get past this orientalist and reductionist discourse about Islam, i'd really appreciate it. there's so much more responsible for the oppression of women than just one of the tools men use to perpetrate it... and there's so much more to Islam than the politically selective windows that the West has pictured it through over the past ten centuries. let's grow up, PLEASE.
i don't know who wrote the caption, but it generalizes just as badly about "vietnamese girls" as it does with that ridiculous statement that can only be "understood" as a reference by other people who automatically link islam with oppression of women."

ayesha  journalistwashington, DC


mehee  blawhaha  thugpainville

"I just want to congratulation this web site, for me is a good instrument to learn the English language ( listen and read), and a wonderful book of the life. Thank you."

Marco Arthur  StudentS„o JosÈ, S„o Paulo, Brazil

"The photos that are shown in "Without Sanctuary are at first site disturbing and truthfully made my heart sink. I can not even begin to imagine how someone could do something like this to another human being. I hang my head in shame for what ancestors of my race have done. On the other hand I think "Without sanctuary" is important because of the awarness it provides students like myself. It also gives those lynched a sort of tribute. Inside I wish this lynching never happened "

Aaron Rooney  studentnorman oklahoma U.S.

"Thank you for having a place that shows what African-Americans history was like. Knowing that my ancestors were partially responsible for this unspeakable act, makes me sick to my stomach. I don't know how anyone in this world could have so much anger in them to do this kind of act seen in these photo's. I only hope that people take a good look at these photo's and realize that violence is never the right solution to anything. "

Jacie Young  Jacie.D.Young-1@ou,eduThackerville, OK, USA

"nice site"

"Beautiful work....did a curiousity search on my name and found your page. It is amazing what emotion movement can evoke."

Amy Heller  TheatreBaltimore, MD, USA


"Hello. I am writing a book about unplanned pregnancy. I am seeking people who would like to contribute anonymous stories about their unplanned pregnancy, whether it ended in the birth of a child, abortion or adoption. If interested, please send your story to"

Carly  WriterChicago, Illinoi

"this is a gay site and i cnat find ne thing on it

hojoe  pimpcalifornia

"Just popped over from the Digital Journalist site. WOW! I like the site. Well laid out and very "smooth". (Bet you never heard that!) ie. very good transistion between pages, (even with 30k modem) and photographs. Good presentation of photos/text. Will certainly be back! Thanks. Peter-Photo Sea. "

Peter Mikkalsen  Photojournalist/yacht and maritime industry.Seattle, WA, USA

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"Wonderful work you do!
I dont'know who included my e-mail in your list, but I'm really greatfully.
Thanks a lot.
Best regards"

Maria-Alba Gilabert Grau  journalist (radio reporter)Barcelona- Spain

"Searching for video footage of WTC towers being hit and collapsing.

I am working on a video art instalation and am in search of two pieces of footage:

1. The WTC towers standing unaffected.
2. Preferably from the same angle as in #1 ( but not essential), footage of the towers being hit and collapsing. I understand that a shot may not exist of the first tower being hit. The shot of the planes hitting the tower and the shot of the towers collapsing need to be from the same perspective and for the most part uninterupted. The hour long duration between the collapsing of the two buildings
can be interupted as long as the perspective is the same.

I am looking for a lower cost alternative to the TV Network libraries. This is an independent, self-funded art project.

Thanks in advance for any leads you may have.
Michael Sheridan"

Michael Sheridan  Filmmaker and PhotographerBoston, MA, USA

"art zine...starting new....starting now....want to be part...looking
towards the more "ARTSY-FARTSY" need of photographs/artist..the theme is "summer" whatever that means to you, wherever that is to you..i will be using wild, bold, colors to print the zine. a differnt way to view a zine other than in b/w and grey..† also i would like short short stories or tiny poems to fill the pages...if your work is printed, i will mail you a copy or get out there and shoot, write, or look through those old boxes of childhood me if you need more info.. or send your work along w/ any info. that you want to provide about the art or you the artist..send them in jpeg format pretty please.... to

last call end of june 2001!!
** i can not pay you for your work, and understand you being artist must make a living but anything you send will make my day, and get me going into the print stage...i can send you a few copies when finished..thank you for your time!! magazine will be made in los angeles..but looking for talent around the globe...
p.s. pass this on and tell your friends!! "

knuckles  artistlos angeles, ca, usa

"Help...I'm in charge of filing and databasing 26 years worth of slides and photos...any comments regarding software and techniques would be valuble to me.

carol  photo assistantMartha's Vineyard

"Your images are beautiful. Thank you for them. I wish more people saw the world in the way photographers do.


Tony Kaltenbach  Love photographyChillicothe Ohio USA

"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your site. The pictures are very interesting and tell a story. Man's inhumanity to man is very evident in postcards of Lynchings. How could that be done to another human being regardless of skin color. I truly wish more sites were
this thought provoking."

diana fagan  Education - Reading CoordinatorChicago, Il. 60643 - USA

"Many compliments to!!!
Tommaso Debenedetti"

Tommaso Debenedetti  teacherRoma, Italy

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Pisco Del Gaiso  Foto journalistS„o Paulo- brazil

"Hola amigos, quiero enviar algunas direcciones con mi trabajo, ojal· tengan tiempo de verlo y sea de su interÈs.
Un abrazo (fuerte)
Francisco Mata Rosas "

Francisco Mata  photographerMexico

"I am truly impressed with your web site. Your stories are captivating and the photographs are superb! I have, and will continue, to tell everyone I know what a wonderful job you are doing! Thank you."

Jennifer Tilley  brodie99@msn.comarlington, tx, usa

"A very thorough set of pictures.

I am surprised that the photographer has succeeded in offering a tender view of a city, which is in constant turmoil and conflict.

A very human set of photographs."

Joshua  PhotographerU.K

"Congratulations. You're the best on the net."

Dennis Stock  PhotographerCenterbrook,CT. U.S.

"This is what the internet is all about. Finally, a web site that makes a difference. Truly enjoyable, smart, deep, and beautiful.
Thanks "Jornale"

(Lima - Peru)"

Francisco Kuriyama  Oraclen programmerAshland,OR,USA

"You guys have one of the coolest sites. I'm looking for topics for my senior paper and your site was a big help.



Jason Baca  high school studentLittleton, CO 80128

"Fantastic site! Thanks for all your hard work."

Rick Vanderpool  Photographer/Artist/JournalistCommerce, Texas TEXAS

"I think this site is great it helps me alot with my studies and homework please send more information it's great
keep it up rebecca from australia"

rebecca hoogenboom  photography student in high schoolbilpin australia

Excuse me, but I don't speak english

I am journaliste, ant i want to felicitation four your interesting webb site.

The phtografies, and the presentation is very original, and
"aporta una aÒadido a la interpretaciÛn de la imagen, lo que permite ver la situaciÛn como el fotografo"

Inma Torra"

Inma Torra  itorra16@hotmail.comAndorra

This is really the newspaper of the future."

Kilia  PhotographerSantander (SPAIN)

" Could you please tell me how to use this site. I can't find anything on the home page whitch tell's you how to or what is at this site."

Jewell Schlicht  Home makerPrairie Village , Ks. 66208

"Good evening! I was wondering if you can help to suggest any useful websites or large photographic organisations based in South Africa. As an undergraduate at Leeds University the opportunity has arisen to spend 6 weeks unpaid working for any company.
Thank you for your time

Cicely Clarke  Student at Leeds University, UKNewcastle, England

"good stories"

Madhu Panikkar  Journalist

"je voudait prondre quellque astuse cansernon la diopo
si cet possible merci et j'attend votre reponse "

billal  photographealgerie

"I took my writing classes to the Without Sanctuary exhibit at the New York Historical Society so that they could experience a communal viewing of material that was concerned with communal viewing. I was delighted to learn that your website offered additional materials and insights about the exhibit and that my college students at Devry Institute of Technology could access your journal during their weekly two hour lab sessions as a support for their papers, essays, and class discussions. I hope to incorporate other Journal E texts into my classes via our computer writing labs. Your website is a wonderful educational resource."

Mark Blickley  Writer/TeacherNew York City

"I can't thank you enough for publishing my story on your site. It means so much to me. Thank you Thank you Thank you.


Nick Hansinger  Arts AdministrationFerndale, MI

"I'm make some website like journale.
I love this site!!!
be happy"

untitled  studentKorea

"A sobering reminder of how easy it is for people to accept the most appalling cruelty as normal behaviour"

Bethan Spain  teacher

"the pictures i have seen to do with lynching are terrifying and there should be an age restriction to see them. "

jodie poston

"I would like to get in touch with Willie Osterman regarding his Italy story. Is it possible to forward my email address on to him? Thank you."

Beth Whitman  PhotographerBellevue, WA USA

"I find the black background and the size of the type impossible to read due to my middle-aged eyes."

Jane S. Blume  Owner of a PR firmAlbuquerque, NM, USA

"What a beautiful site. So excited to find another forum for documentary photoessays."

Aliza Gold  visual mediaAustin, TX, USA

"Excellent, excellent! This what the web is good for, showcasing good work in a complete comprehensive detailed story. I love Journal E and will continue to visit!"

Robert A. Davis  PhotojournalistLemont, IL, USA

"Your work is very interesting. you also had a very original idea, but I have a few questions:
1)the photographs appeared to be shot in a discreet matter, is this true? 2) did you use flash on your camera or did you have it place somewhere in the room? did you get permission from your subjects? "

Delmy A. Perez  Student/Freelance PhotographerNew York, NY, U.S.A.

"I keep coming back to Journale every time I clean up my bookmarks. Believe me, your site will never be consigned to the trash like so many of the other sites I bookmark and forget. In fact it's an inspiration. I keep thinking about what people used to say about TV, how it would be a tool to educate and uplift the human mind and spirit... well we all know what happened there. Does the A-Team ring a bell. hope not. But hopefully with the web being uncontrolled by the neilson ratings, sites like this will have a lasting impact. see you next month."

Joel Pickard  artistRochester New York USA

"Your site is inspiring & extremely well done. The pictures and the stories are touching. Technically your graphics are clean & modern in appearance. The site is easy to navigate through. Lots of wonderful information & diverse content. Great Job!"

Jennie Bentz  Internet DeveloperGaithersburg, MD, USA

"Mr. Dorow
I attended your lecture at the college in Marion, NC. Photography is my passion and you are doing an amazing job with this webpage. "

A. McMahan  studentBurnsville, NC, USA

"I think your journal is at the cutting edge of how information ought to be presented over the web. I have just discovered it in the last month or so. I was so very moved by Without Sanctuary and have suggested to my wife for use in her Peace Studies Class at our University. The hiking stories and the portraits were also capturing. I look forward to your future presentations. Keep up the unique and wonderful work."

Jay Zimmerman  psychologist and computer artistMuncie, IN

"i'm very impressed"

kelley  retirednewport beach, ca, usa

"Awesome photographs!!!!"

Shirley Carr  slrcarr@aol.comDanville, VA

I'm in the process of designing a web site and had a few questions for you. If you take someone's picture and post it on a web site without their consent can they file charges against you in anyway? I heard of a web site that was taking pictures of people that were out and about on the weekend and would let them know where their picture was posted and would sell the picture to the customer for a profit. So I see no reason why I could not take a picture and be in any danger of a lawsuit. If you could help or if you could refer me to anyone that could help I would appreciate it. Also we are looking at taking pictures of people and offering them a chance to win $500-$1000 dollars for the craziest and wildest picture. What is your thought on that?

Thanks in advance,

Bradley Young  Advertisement/SalesDallas,TX, US

"What a truly amazing site. Fantastic stories. Excellent photographs. Engaging writing. And the site layout? One of the best I have seen. Who ever developed this site and keeps it running deserves the WEBís equivalent of an Oscar. Thank you very much"

Joel  Photographer for years, now a software developer as well.CT

"This is a fantastic site you have got with loads of information.
However, i still cannot catch the overall theme of your site. May be you can improve on that part

Joel Tan Shi Hao  StudentSingapore

"Jennifer's stories on the Japanese aged and children in Africa are truly captivating. You truly bring home to the reader/viewer. Presention is beautiful and stylish, but the pictures, especially of the children are just too small. I nearly had my nose smudging the monitor --and my nose isn't very long. Keep up the good work Jenifer and everyone else at Ejournal and thanks for the great presentations all around. Sincerely, Cesar Laure

ps: although I haven't seen all the stories, David Butow's Hollywood pictures are wonderfully sobering."

cesar laure  photojournalistAllentown, PA


Ingo Haeck  WebproducerCologne, Germany

"This is the best multimedia site I have come across. Why? Because you've made proper use of technology in the most tasteful, and useful way. The overall site design is simply beautiful.

Bravo! Keep it up guys."

Kah Heng, Tan  Working photographerSingapore

"an excellent format for an online magazine. i hope many follow!"

Tim  educational administrationatlanta, ga, usa

"Your web site is VERY impressive, in both content and aesthetic presentation. Congratulations.

Raymund Liongson"

Raymund Liongson  Institutional Researcher/AnalystPearl City, Hawaii USA

"cool package. "

patrick d. witty  unemployedwashington, d.c. usa

"I don't have a particular comment about a particular story, but just a question. I love photography, I think it's the most powerful media. I'm more moved to cry over a single picture than a whole newspaper's worth of articles. I really want to become a photojournalist. It's my life's goal now. How do I start?"

Lisa Gervais  NONEPt. Sanilac, MI USA

"Not only, How did I get on your list, but why did you not
check out
Even though those are photos by me, I just happen to
think you should check them out."

Tom Elliott  Photojournalist

"Simply a beautiful site. I hope Journal E doesn't get too caught up in HTML technology. I have seen some previously beautiful image sites which ended up drowning out the photography with page glitz. In the same vain, the (MMFA) Montreal Mus. Fine Arts did that with the Cartier- Bresson showing and one spent more time with the musings than with the images. Please don't do that to your Journal E. Photography is about photography not packaging. Love your site the way it is!"

Bruce  Biomed tech/advanced amatureMontreal, CANADA

"Great redesign"

Hugh Hamilton  photography/multimedia lecturer

"It's great to read your magazine in Latvia."

Igor Vihrov  Managing Director of Photoservice Company Latvia

"Did you design your magazine for me? The girl who flicks through the glossies and cruises the style sites on the web but never quite makes it through all the text."

Jenny Greenhalgh  Interactive Marketing Manager and Literature MA

"This is what the Internet was meant to be!"

Don Madro  Hotel Manager

"This is the best site that I've seen in a long time - it is very well put together,it is easy to move around oh the work is some of the best that I've seen. Thank you. "

Patrick Brown  PhotographerAustralia

"I just wanted to say that this has to be the first "photo-oriented" site that I have ever gone all the way through, looking at every picture, reading every caption. The photos represented on your site are excellent in composition, character and life. I get tired of seeing posed, fixed shots everyday - it's refreshing to see real life communicated, executed through story form. I had to write this tidbit just to let you know, that for those who appreciate true, moving photography, this site is a must. I look foward to revisiting the site and seeing your future masterpieces. Journal E just got a place on my bookmark list."

Jonathan P. Wisely  Designer / Art DirectorRaleigh, NC USA

"A great site. The design is stunning and the stories are compelling. This is a great example of the potential future of photography on the web "

lloyd francis  photojournalistsan francisco

"One of the most wonderful sites I've visited so far. Its bookmark will be put to the very top in my list. Thank you for the pleasure."

Christian Fessel  Cameraman (features, commercials)Germany

"I am blown away by your style. The Journal E site is an interactive media masterpiece. Your style is such a contrast to most of the high volume mass market media I am inundated with.

I have stayed far longer than I had planned on this site. I'm certain it is the design."

Robert Machen  Athens Development


garcin thierry  2ijTe77f  carrefour83400 hyeres france

"I'm impressed with what I've seen so far! Look forward to being a 'subscriber'. Thanks for the opportunity to share in your great looking work product!"

Jack Foultz  Accident Reconstructionist

"Stunning presentation, powerful and eloquent images! If this is the future of photojournalism it suddenly looks bright and hopeful. Many thanks."

Jerome Lawler  Photojournalism

"Wonderful a former still photog, who has gone over to the dark side (tv), it is nice to see great picture stories, well done and presented in a pleasant fashion."

Tracy Reeves  Tracy ReevesAtlanta, GA, USA

"I see the world as a book waiting to be captured. Life is all around us and no matter what we do it goes on. So capturing it on film is my way of recording just a split second of life to share with others."

Mike Harmon  Photo Editor

"Grateful I was referred to Journale through the National Press Photographers Association' discussion list. Nice site. Thanks! "

John Hart  photojournalist

"I love the feel of your site. Is there a print journal? I would love to submit some writings to you and see if they are the kind of stuff you are looking for. Are yuo looking for stuff at all?


Andy Dannerbeck  Mountain GuidePhx, AZ, usa

"This site is glorious! What a find."

Laurie Urash  Fine Arts & Photojournalism

"Excellent site, great student reference material. "

Michael Marion  MJM5621@DCCCD.EDU  Education / graphics/photography

"I love the layout and colors of journal e."

Steve Gunter  teacher-history

"I have been at your site often and love what you are doing. Very intersting and innovative."

Kathy Dee Zasloff  Wellness, tracking, bead artist & exe. dir of non-profit

"An exceptional electronic periodical. The quality of the work that I have so far enjoyed has been quite exceptional. I look forward to following Journal E's progress into the 21st century. "

Jim Ferreira  Fine Art Photographer

"what a cool site here! definitely a stand-out and one of my favorites! "

Judith Monroe  Fine Art Photographer

"Your work is REALLY GOOD,congratulations!!!"

Rayra Medeiros  Photographer

"Certainly a different web approach and more interesting and
just more fun to browse around!"

Glenn Anderson  photography / web

"Your site is the way storytelling on the web should be.
Thoughtful, well presented and with incredible style. "

Thomas Guthrie  Producer

" congratulations on this really fine site. feels like a rebirth of that great reportage magazine from the 60/ 70's called creative camera published in england. i will be visiting your site on a regular basis.

lawrence migdale,  orinda ca usa

"Journal E is a great concept! Good luck and keep it up."

David Hartley  Banker

"Journal E (StoryLine) is one of the best sites I have ever seen on the internet. Keep up the good work and I wish you all lots of success with Journal E."

Peer Kugler  Photographer

"Best use of images / internet tech I have seen on the web."

- Hugh Hamilton Photographer, Lecturer, UK

"Magnifique magazine! - for my photography is a droge and your magazine is the need!."

- Marco Alvarado Cook, Canada Pq

"Excellent web development, interesting and well-done articles. You should be proud."

- Doug Bentson Photographer

"Thank you. Your Page is both entertaining and informative. I look forward to updates."

- Sydney UC Berkeley grad; Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA.

"What a wonderful, beautiful, lyrical site. Story Line has just moved to the top of my bookmarks. Congratulations to all involved."

- Drake White, Phorum Communications

"Probably the most consistently high-quality photo site I've seen. Love the Shockwave versions."

- Manny Mellor, Salt Lake City, USA

"Very sweet concept. Life Magazine hits the internet. I like it a lot. Shockwave still bogs down a lot of machines, though. Even powerful machines like mine. I think when the final generation of Shockwave comes along, tamed down to good average use, a site like yours will be as potent as anything offered on the Net. good luck."

- Alan Napier UC Berkeley grad; Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA.

"Excellent! Some of the best quality pix and layouts I've seen on the internet Keep up the work!"

- Rich Clement Computer artist

"I'm very excited about this effort; it's a very satisfying site, and promises even more to come. I look forward to returning from time to time as you share your vision."

- Gary Witt, Witt Productions, Tennessee, USA

"Freakin Awesome!"

- Jeremy Speer Computer Graphics/Photography

"One of the best interactive photo sites I've seen. Great content and design. I look forward to seeing much more! A fine example of how the web can take us simultaneously back to our photojournalism roots and into the future. Thanks."

- Nick Sokoloff Photo Director of CitySearch--Salt Lake City, UT

"That's right: I liked them all so much almost watched them twice. Director files are so much fun if they're done right. And you folks do them right. It reminds me of going to the Science Museum when I was a kid and being able to make things go and play with the buttons."

- David Ferdig, New Media Center, CSULB

"I personally hate this term.......but, it certainly applies to your web pages.......very cool!"

- Chris Gibbs, Alaska, USA

"Lovely photographs. good graphical flow."

- Michael Ley Computer system developer in transportation industry

"Interesting. I agree that the WWW is a cost-effective and useful venue for photo essays. I am re-equipping with a larger Mac and my main interest will be doing my own photo essays. My means are modest and my photography is ordinary, but I can see how useful it will be to me for sharing my photo experiences within my own family circle. While the Shockwave medium is slow, it is neat and will only get neater as our computers and internet pipes get bigger and more powerful."

- Robert Gagnon Systems consultant, Ottawa, Canada

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- Scott La Clair, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA

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- Mitch Lorens Management - photography, Sacramento, CA.

"I teach Young Offenders. They are boys and girls 12-15 who have broken laws and are waiting to go to court - the kids I teach have terrible lives but I wish they could trade places with the kids in your stories for about ten minutes. I think it would change their lives."

- Doug Hines Georgetown, Ontario, Canada (just west of Toronto)

"I like your service very much and it begins to explore the many ways that creative people will approach this new electronic media and find applications beyond our present image(a)nation."

- James Bell Direct marketing/advertising, New York

"Amazing ... truly a breath of fresh air amoungst stale information ... I particularly like the idea of shockwave files with the music in the background ... very well done ... exp. the Birth piece ... Curious if you would be open to contributions from foreign (well, Canadian) -- artists/photographers as well ... foreign correspondence ..?

Best of luck with the site .. and I *will* be back often to see any new Stories ..."

- Mark Daley The Altus Agency, Ottawa, Canada

"You've done an amazing job, and I think your methods apply to more than just interactive photos. Just as your ease of navigation (only once or twice did the buttons move position so it was invisible to navigate) and simplicity in layout create a very strong environment for the photos, so should all websites provide such an atmosphere for their subjects. Incredible job."

- Doug McClure

"I read about the Tango Interactive photo essays in The New York Times and I rushed upstairs to my computer to check it out. I wasn't disappointed. So far, I have had time only to page through Harper Park, but I plan to return and look at the rest of the essays. My only negative criticism of Harper Park is a typo: available is misspelled somewhere in the text. Otherwise, the essay was an evocative and insightful portrayal of the trailer park. The photos themselves are not as high quality as a magazine print, but are still readable. Congratulations on a good execution of a good idea."