Harper Park

"This is a superb piece of americana. The artist's evolution in the context of the camera's subject/object is presented and represented as one photograph follows another. To use the vernacular, the college boy comes to love the trailer folk! A visual bildungsroman! I am entirely serious here. Note well that the mobile home park is the quintessential 20th century american redoubt, and its unique combination of stability and evanesence is captured brilliantly in this photo essay. This series should be exhibited in the state museum in Albany as one of the rotating exhhibits. Please submit it to the director. "

Whelmer0  letmecheckonthat  lawyerschenectady

"I really enjoyed Mark Haven's "Harper Park" photos. I have always been curious about the people who live in trailer parks - it's such an odd slice of America. He captured it so well. I look forward to visiting this site regularly and am happy that the New York Times wrote about it. Keep up the great work."

- Chapp8@prodigy.net

"I just toured HARPER PARK, which for me was nostalgic since I grew up in Rochester and had a childhood friend who lived in Harper Park."

- Scott Bacon sbacon@frontiernet.net computer programmer / financial applications

"The Harper Park and Grand Central photo stories were very informative: the photos are superb and lyrics are excellent... I enjoy American culture, especially the countryside, so please keep publishing on USA subjects.

As an amateur photographer, I would like to see a brief description from each essay about the picture taken and techniques and films used, so I can learn something from the pros."

- Francisco Siu francisco_siu@msn.com