Italian Journal

"My story of the Italian Journal has been on Journale for a few years now. After I completed the joural it was decided to post the stories a year later to the day or week. Nice idea. I must say that I am deeply saddened by how Journale edited the stories, changed the name of the project (I call them Journal Notes from Across the Atlantic) did not finished, as promised, to post all entries through May, and now is accepting Olympus as a sponsor for this. I wonder when I may receive my 'cut' of the sponsorship. I tried for a while to get some response from inquiries but they were consistantly ignored by Mr. Dorow.

Sorry to spill this but I've been angry for some time and now my students (talking about ethics) and I are curious to see if this will get some ,if any - or maybe some sponsorhip from Olympus for the artist, not the editors.

Professor Willie Osterman, Chair
MFA Photo Program at RIT "

Willie Osterman  Professor of PhotographyRochester, NY 14623

"Reading Willie's thoughts, feelings and insights was quite moving. His obvious talent for visual and verbal imagery brought me to my own "memory morque". Times and places where being alone was enlightening yet lonely. I only wish I had his creativity to help me through those lonely times.
Well done Willie! I wish I would have known then
what I have learned now.
can i buy one of the photographs found in this


What sort of digital camera was used for the photographs?
There is something about the combination of words and images that rounds off an experience one wants to share.
Italy is a wonderful place to diarise an experience"

B.Mclean  nurse/journalistAustralia, Sydney

"Best regards to Willie and, our programs at:"

C.R.A.F.  craf@agemont.itItaly

"Can I comment this project? I saw it growing for months and I am too attached to it and to Willie (who stayed in my place while making it) to be objective. It shows me my Country (the good and the bad) through the eyes of a sensitive and intelligent person with a cultural background different from mine. It's also about the emotions, feelings, doubts, dreams of all of us; Willie is able to talk about them in a very simple and - at the same time - strong way. So, thank you, Willie, and thanks to the Journal E people. - Francesco"

Francesco Nonino  MDBologna, Italy

Enjoyed spending Christmas with you in Italy. I could taste the food and drinks and I thing I overdid it. What a wonderful way to celebrate. Viva Italia!"


This is a wonderful project, full of wonderful "personal" images and inspirational comments that make me remember back to my beginning college days, when I sat in your class trying hard to consume and digest every work you said.

This is a great project!

-- Grover

Grover Sanschagrin  Internet PublishingChicago, IL, USA