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"I would like to say that 9-11 was an eye opener for every one...there are people who still tlak about it and every argure about it just yesturday i was in a chat room and we where discussing 9-11 now unforanatly i was talking to some one that was from over there and they felt that it was right what sadum did. and me and many other people said that it wasnt. I was in 9th grade when it took place and I seen that Pittsbugh was going to be next i got sick to my stoumache and i called home and told my mom to get out of pittsburgh and I told her whast JUST happend 5 mins ago she came to pick me up i came home and sat in front of the T.V. for 5 huors stright just thinking about how they msut feel and yet i know that me thinkin git will never messure up to how they actualy felt but its still sad...so my love goes out to all thoses who where affected by 9-11."

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Man has the capacity to watch its mind. Everybody can watch his/her own thoughts and emotions. By watching them, the speed of thought and the intensity of emotion calms down. Once mind stops, we have direct experience of ourselves and of the universe.


Letís analyse the ordinary (indirect) way of experiencing. Information enters the senses, goes into the mind and reaches the subject, becoming experience.

universe (object)----senses (perception)-----mind (elaboration)-----subject (experience)

The experienced objects are different: universe, planet earth, nature, human body and its sensations, emotions, imaginations, thoughts. Mind elaborates the perception of an object (analysis, comparison, synthesis) and then we experience it. Letís do a simple experiment. You observe for a few moments a plant in your room or outside the window and then close your eyes. Inside you see many different thoughts like how big is the plant, what colour it is and so on. You experience the plant through many thoughts. Mind creates distortion between perception and experience. The question arises: is it possible to experience the plant directly without interference of the mind? Direct experience requires that while experiencing the plant, your mind is quiet. Not even a single thought should arise. We experience the plant purely, as it comes into the senses; between perception and experience there is no mind.


The first step towards direct experience is to understand that we have the capacity to watch activities of the mind. Watching means that we observe our mental structures like thoughts, emotions, scientific theories, cultural, social and religious prejudices, opinions and so on as clearly as we can observe our body. By constantly watching the mind we start taking a distance from it, we donít identify with it anymore. Mind becomes like our hand, we use it when we need it and when not, it is resting. Whilst watching the mind we start building a direct connection to our perception, as we have glimpses of direct experience, the subject becomes one with the object.
Watching the mind is so evident that we do not need any further scientific proof for it. Watching is the function of consciousness. We can imagine consciousness as four-dimensional timeless space and mind as a three-dimensional structure lying within it. Thinking and feeling are three-dimensional activities, watching is four-dimensional. Watched continuously, the mind becomes light and flexible. When we do not use it, it stops by itself; consciousness can watch and recognise itself. Once we become conscious of the mindsí activities, the question arises: if I can watch and become conscious of my mind, then I must also be able to watch and become conscious of myself? At that point our attention switches from the mind to consciousness itself. We become self-conscious.


In a self-conscious state there is no time, we become aware that the constant stream of change happens here and now in the present moment. According to the General Theory of Relativity, change happens in 4-dimensional space-time, where time represents the fourth dimension. When the roundness of space-time is increased, the speed of change gets slower and stops at the centre of black holes. Einsteinís understanding of time indicates that with clocks we do not measure time, we only measure duration, speed and the numerical order of irreversible changes of reality that happen here and now in gravitational field. Experiencing change indirectly through the mind creates time. Mind experiences change 1 as past, change 2 as present and change 3 as future. Having direct experience we become aware that all change happens in the present moment, here and now. The whole past has happened in this present moment and so will the whole future.
By watching the mind we become aware that scientific experience is also indirect. Our experience is through the rational part of our mind, which has a limited understanding of the universe. A significant example can be seen in our understanding of universal space. In the beginning, universal space was considered to be infinite, Euclid space. After the discovery of Riemman spherical geometry, universal space was also considered to be finite. Therefore, the question arises: Is universal space finite or infinite? By becoming aware that our understanding of universal space depends on which geometry we use to describe it, we can also suppose that universal space is neither finite nor infinite, but something else. Three-dimensional logic allows us this speculation.
By presenting universal space as infinite Euclid space, itís possible that the distance between two material objects in the universe is infinite. The term ìinfinite distanceî only functions in mathematics, in cosmology we do not know exactly what it means, because an infinite distance plus 100 miles is still an infinite distance. In the universe, we can only observe finite distances, so we can conclude that the universe is finite. To say that it is infinite makes no sense.
Another example is that of black holes. According to astro-physical calculations, the pressure, temperature and density of energy in the centre of a black hole are infinite. What it actually means, we cannot really say. In the centre of a black hole, matter disappears and we do not know where it goes. It may be that black holes transform matter into gravitational energy. This transformation is decreasing the amount of matter and increasing the amount of gravitational energy, the outcome is an increase in gravitational force that will, at some point in the future, stop expanding. The Universe will collapse into a big black hole and the quantity of matter will be zero, while the quantity of gravitational energy will be 1. A new ëBig Bangí will happen and in a phase of inflation, gravitational energy will gradually be transformed into matter until both values are equal: 0,5 of gravitational energy + 0,5 of energy of the matter = 1 ( 0,5 Eg + 0,5 Em = 1 ). After that, the universe will develop, as we already know it. It naturally suggests that ëBig Bangsí are cyclic and that the universe is in constant dynamical equilibrium. It has no beginning and no end, it is an self-regenerate system, its entropy is constant. The increasing of the entropy of matter after the big bang does not influence the constant entropy of the universe. Evolution of life happens because matter has a tendency to develop towards constant entropy of the universe. Evolution of life on the planet Earth is a part of an negantropic process that develops in the whole universe. The whole universe is alive. Universal space is homogeneous, it means that the physical circumstances for development of life are the same in the whole universe (*).


Direct experience gives us a direct understanding of the universe and ourselves. It reaches beyond the duality of subject-object. It is complementary and enriches everyday scientific experiences.

Dr. Amrit Sorli

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"Its about Earth and a new home.I have a question.
In the future Earth's resources will drain and the population will overpopulate.What are our chances? What will we do? Will we?Will we find a new home? Such as living on the Moon, Or are we going to have space stations,and even live on Mars.Will humans expand to the undiscovered SPACE?????? write back thanks!"

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