Motion Pictures

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James Ellis  StudentLiverpool,England

"Delighted to have discovered both your most innovative imagery and at the same time a first-class webventure, Journal E. I think it will inspire many others to aim for a new interface for graphics, moviemaking, photograaphy and storytelling."

Malcolm Thomson  nc-thomsoma@netcologne.deCologne, Germany

"I found Miss Hellers use of light and time rather interesting considering in some photo's, overlapping
is clearly visable. Yet I was confused by a couple of
photo's due to the same process. Overall her use of shades and shapes were well documented in this particular style of
photography. I'm sure we will enjoy more of Miss Heller's work in the future."

Robert P. Veal  Freelance PhotographerNew Britain, Conneticut. 06053 USA

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richard sanders  real estate developersanta barbara, ca usa

"Beautiful work."

"I was looking at your web portfolio and found the images very intriguing. They convey a deep sense of time and permeable space."

John Bishop  jbishop@ucla.eduLos Angeles, CA.

"Amy, really liked seeing your work."

- Sue Discovery Channel Online