Portraits by Steve McCurry

"Steve Mccurry shoots his subjects with much passion and care. The faces are fascinating and the images are powerful and emotional. He is a photographer's photographer. The images burn into your mind and leave you wanting to see more. "

rosemarie maldonado  charlee201@aol.com  advanced ameteur photographerrochester, NY USA

"Mr. McCurry---Your awsome portraits have inspired my students to produce powerful paintings and sculptures. Thank you. MP"

Martha provost  martart@kih.net  visual art instructorCorbin, Kentucky, USA

"I just had to take a moment and applaud the persons resposible for this website. It is absolutely amazing. By far the best site pertaining to photography I have ever seen. I love the layout, the simplicity and the fact it is thourough. Keep it up! "

Jensen  eagleale3@aol.com  Brooks Photography StudentSanta Barbara, CA

"As an amateur photography student presently studying A-level, I feel that the portrait photographs by Steve McCurry are immensely powerful to the human eye - the visualising connection between ourselves and his subject's gazing eyes is astonishing. A form of inspiration of which i can only dream to one day interpret as strongly as he."

Daniel R  teiu@yahoo.com  studentLondon, England