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"Coffee Cantata!
Wonderful and enlightening.
If Napoleon Bonaparte is testify about coffee as follows
"Strong coffee and plenty, awakens me. It gives me warmth, an unusual force, a pain that is not without pleasure. I would rather suffer than be senseless." what else is needed to drink coffee?
Thanjavurians in Tamil Nadu, India,have specialised in the preparation of Coffee. Worth if a story from one of this region is gathered and added to this site."

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photo-essay covers a wide range of the memetic culture.

Latrinalia: The Study of Restroom Graffiti

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"Jan Stoltman can REALLY tell a story, about stories!! I am reminded again about the power and importance of story in our lives and expect that it will continue to play an even bigger role as the future unfolds. Thanks Jan! "

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"Jan: I would love to add your Coffee Cantata article to my up and coming website, Lutheran Coffee! It would be a great addition. Your style is very inviting and I can almost smell the coffee while I read!

Thank you!

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"The article "Coffee Cantata," gave me a great deal of pleasure. As a coffee drinker, I enjoyed the material about types of coffee. As one interested in history and classical music, I enjoyed the historical survey and comments about J.S Bach's Coffee Cantata."

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