Rodeo: Breaking Loose

"I take photos at many rodeo,most of which I see no older or
seniors even comming to witness the events. I rake photos
in several different States all summer long. I have yet to see a cowd of seniors even shoewing any interest unless they have family riding.
If your interested in any photos, please feel free to contact me.
Stories were great though! "

LesaAnn Foris  clms adj / photogUnion, New Jersey - United States

"I really liked what I have read I myself growing up in a rodeo life style with my father who is still riding the rodeo circuit still in the 50 and 60 age division in the senoir pro rodeo he is sherwood cuch I know where the drive and rush come from just watching and learning from them it gives you a great pride in what they do and accomplished in life knowing you never give up that dream of having that big beltbuckle of accomplishment."

sheri cuch  studentfortduchesne,utah U.S

"Really enjoyed this, the rodeo, cowboys, animals. . . The multimedia experience was great, too. And loved the poetry in everyone of those cowboys' voices!"

"I had to quit barrel racing when I was young, but my Dad was a PRCA cowboy. he was a rodeo judge when I was born and All
Round Cowboy in !951, he drove the Wells Fargo Stagecoach for Benny Binion until he retired. I'd like more info on older coboys, he bought a ghost town Hillsdale Utah, the closest town is Panguitch and he still rides and ropes when he can. He has been asked to teach kids how to rodeo at the high school in Panguicth next year. Do you have any information that I can send him on the Senior Rodeo Membership? "

Vicki Kiester  barrel racing/denistry/retired FT. Worth, TX 76112 USA

"I've been thinking - whining really to myself lately about my age. Fearing the reaper if you'll indulge a turn of phrase. I live in an urban environ, but I hail from an all too pastoral background, these images are familiar. But the voices are inspiring. He got tough when he was 55. You can rodeo at least until you're 70. Quitting is a choice. Those words were really inspirational."

leslie  artistnew york, ny

"Very well done. It was so well done technically, photos, audio and video, that I hardly paid attention to them. I was completely engrossed in the stories. I guess it didn't hurt that I thought the old guys were neat. Nice job."

Andrew Collins

"Totally enjoyed this story. Of course, I'm a fan of the subject, but the visual treatment was terrific. It's fun to encounter such original treatment for each story - the variety and creativity - plus quality execution - makes reading and viewing these stories stimulating and enjoyable.
Give us more cowboy stories!"

Jan Stoltman  Writer/Business & personal coachNew York, N.Y. U.S.A.

"What a fantastic web site! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this site and all of its rich components and content. I am a rodeo photographer and I found this site so insightful and insprirational for me to continue in my enedeavors. I will be spreading the word about this site to all my friend both inside the rodeo circuit and outside as well.. I think many will benefit from this site and its multimedia presentation. If we could only get a computer to work in the middle of that arena!

Good luck on future projects and endeavors.

Rick Najdzion
Cowboy Photographer"

Rick Najdzion  Photographer, management consultantRiverhead, New York, USA