Tattoo You

"Famous Leg Greg Wilcoxon is an old friend of mine whom I've lost contact with. Could you put me in touch with him? Thank you!"

Randall Rospond  sogwriter, artistHaiku,Maui,Hawaii

"Great pictures! As a person whom has a couple tatoos of her own and appreciates their beauty, I always enjoy seeing those of others. Thank you!"

Kristin Haddock  Customer ServiceLakeland, FL

"this kinda looks weird.. i would never do that kind of thing to my body but i guess it is their perogative. but i guess that's just my comment.. i would only get a little tattoo but nothing as dramatic as that crap.."

Briana  ActressBowling Green, OH USA

"thanks for sending the tattoo portfolio. loved it. "

Ramiro Fernandez  Picture Editor, People MagazineNew York, N.Y.

"i really enjoyed your photos. as a photographer and a tattood person i can really appreciate them. i hope to see more soon."

steve fears  photography studentjoppa md usa

"Things I liked: design, above line of photographic representations of work. I find the design very clean, sharp and smart. The color selection for the square images (good choice, squares!) is great. The description and page fits in one sole screen, which sells and communicates better than a screen in which you need to scroll down to understand and see its content. Narrative is straight to the point, clear, descriptive and explanatory. Whenever I click on the Icon, a medium size photograph (incredible quality) shows up with its "title" and personalized description which I find very appealing and entertaining (knowing about the actual
subjects makes it more dramatic, or intense, receptive). AND!!!! If I click on the photograph, right mouse button, and click on view it on composer.... imagine, a full screen of Tattoo, amazing, really amazing. I liked it so, so, much....

Eva de Lera  Media Services Manager, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, NYUNew York, N.Y.

"When oppening a new window for the close-up, use the photograph as the background of the frame so it will fill all the window without the white offset."

Hanan Cohen  Internet designerJerusalem - Israel