Illusion & Delusion: The Watergate Decade

"In your text about the watergate affair you are writing, "the house of judiciary commitee voted three articles of impeachment against president R. Nixon", but u only mention two of them such as "blocking investigation of watergate affair" and "not complying with the comitee's subpoena for taped white house conversation", what was their third point? Here is the link to look it up...
thank you in advance...

Jens  Research paper Wunstorf, Niedersachsen, Germany


"Great site"

Brandon C  studentSnellville, GA, USA

"Great site"

Brandon C  studentSnellville, GA, USA

"I was just wondering where the text in this section is from. Who wrote it and such? I enjoyed it, just wondering about this one fact.

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"Hi there,

I am currently involved in a project which is based upon the theme of Silence. We are producing a CD of curated audio along with a booklet of text and image related material.

We are trying to locate an image of Rosemary Woods for our booklet, due to her involvement in the famous silenced sections of the Nixon tapes. Do you have any images of her, or know of anybody who maybe able to help?

Many thanks

Dan Stone "

Dan Stone  Programme Assistant for Sonic Arts Network, LondonLondon, England

"I cant believe Nixon had the nerve to state that stupid ass comment at the end of this periodical. He is the most scandalous person ever."

Angela Torres  studentGunisson, Co, USA

"be careful i listen all your conversation "

nixon  great president of usabahamas

"be careful i listen all your conversation "

nixon  great president of usabahamas

"Good article.

S.D.F.  N/A  researcherComanche, OK, USA

JJHouston Tx USA

"I was just wondering why Richard Nixon would do something like that? And why he wasnt punished in anyway he wasnt impeached he resigned so nothing happened to him he got away withit!"

Caitlyn  studentCasa Grande, Az, U.S

"I need to find information on the $25,000 check that was deposited into an account from Nixons campaign. I have to do a research project on American Politics and the Watergate Scandal so any information is valuable. Thanks"

Holly M. Davis  student at sidney high schoolsidney, ohio, united states

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"It was wonderful to finally find information regarding Mark Godfreys works. Your site is fantastic, though hard to find.
Thanks again!"

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you have missed the impact of Nixon Politics."


"I want to know how thw press covered the watergate case"

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"Refer to:"

Edward Matthew Strine  Promoter of the cause for the Watergate break-insLas Vegas, Nevada, USA

"The first break-in at Watergate happened on May 28,1972.I am trying to find information on that date. I found out who broke in and I have two sources that are telling me what they took or copyed. I was hoping you could provide more information on this subject. "

Kimberly Kesler  High School SeniorDunnellon, FL, USA

"Could you, please, send me articles about the Watergate's scandals from 1972, 1973 or 1974 because i'm studing this subject with friends and we would have needed authentic articles.
thank you very much

Marie  a-porcherclub-internet@club-internet.frVendee, in France


craiglittle  chaplainCalifornia

craiglittle  chaplainCalifornia

"i 'm using your web site storie on water gate as a source of infomation for a paper.i need the writer or wrietrs name to use theinfo . please e-mail this info . it would help me out greatly.thank you peg"

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"We,American Foster Young Adults(AFYA)own the only painting in the USA of the Watergate Trial Courtroom Scene of 1973.
Write to us and possibly earn the right to bid on SERIES A
full size color PHOTO-PRINTS. 65% of the proceeds from the sale of 2001 PHOTO-PRINTS are to benefit abandoned foster young adults ages 18-22.

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Raymond M. (Houston)-Miller 12/03/2001 "

Raymond M. (Houston)-Miller,(jr.)  social architectAvon, N. J.,USA USPOBx#354 07717-0354

My name is Billy Langenstein. I'm 14 and attend Holicong Middle School. Myslef and four other friends are doing a research project on Nixon's Watergate scandal for National History Day. By the way i really enjoyed this site. I was wondering if there was any additional information that you could supply us with for our project. That would be great. If not I well understand. I thank you for taking the time to ready my letter. PLease write back.
Billy Langenstein"

Billy Langenstein  Attend Holicong Middle SchoolDoylestown, Pa (U.S.A.)

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"The historical aspect of this event had on the years too come? How did we the people look at the incident? Before and after."

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"I was assigned a project on political corruption, and I chose to research the Watergate scandal. I absolutely love the pictures on the website! They are so clear and professional looking."

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"thank you so much for your watergate story! i was working on a report and i found your site very helpful. thank you!"

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"I am writing a research paper about Watergate and I wanted to know the effects it had on things such as the trust Americans have in government, our view of the Presidency, today's society, etc."

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" I would like to know more about the Watergate case and if possible the effects it had on the relation ship between political and medias , afterwards . Thankyou"

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"investigaciÛn de periodismo investigativo sobre el caso Watergate"

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"Say, can you tell me the full name of the attorney/s who represented Richard Nixon during the entire Watergate trial? (I actually met a nephew of one of the attorneys, Jim Brown, about 15 years ago, in mpls.) How can you get hold of any of them today? thank you."

christin olivier  holistic massage therapistmpls, mn usa

"I want to know about the watergate case, Can you send me the information about it,please?

pd It's for my university exam


"Were the burglers looking for a connection between the Mafia and the D.N.C.? Was it because of the Mob money and votes and the relationship with Joseph Kennedy in '62?"

Mike O'Brien  patnmike@quixnet.netSeattle, Wa., U.S.A.

"I need AWSOME picures about watergate for a very important project i was assingend"

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"I just want to know who made this website. Thank you."

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"I need some help. I have a U.S. history paper that is due in the middle of March,2000. I am hoping that you could send me all of the information that you have on Watergate and President Nixon. It would be greatly appreciated. If the information is on the internet, could you please give me the addresses of the websites. Thanks alot. Just E-mail me or send to my address."

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"great page!!! this all the info on watergate I need 4 my report and I thought it would take 4ever 2 find all this stuff but u have it all!!!!! thanx a bunch!!!!!!!!!!!"

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"I need some information on any important parts the press might have played.
Thank U

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"I would like to know a little bit on Carl Berstein and what he is doing now."

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"I am doing a History paper on the effects of watergate on today's society. If you have any information which I could use could you e-mail it to me. Thanks"

"I am doing a reasearch paper on the affects of watergate on society today. I was wondering if anyone had any information could they please e-mail it to me. it would need to be prompt because the paper is due soon, they only gave us a week to do this, so if you could send it as soon as possible that would be excellent. thank you so much"

"Mark Godfrey's Watergate photos are just as stark and real today as when the event occurred. While most Americans would like to forget that disturbing chapter in our history, Godfrey's photos are a compelling and needed reminder not to forget history, lest we repeat it. His work is first-rate."

John Jennrich  Writer and editorReston, Va. U.S.A.

"I very much enjoyed your treatment of Watergate. Which leaves me with a question and two suggestions. (1)Given the copyright, how does one go about seeking permission to re-use some of the images in your site, in either print or Internet media? (2)You might be interested to see a treatment of Watergate as seen through the eyes of a citizen under a Westminster parliamentary democracy (in my case, Australian); then please come to . Finally, if you think it appropriate, I'd like to engage in a link exchange with your site; I think my readers would like to see your site, and I hope yours might me interested in mine. Please e-mail me detailing your thoughts/assent/dissent on this!

With best wishes,

Nigel Greenwood."

Dr Nigel Greenwood  political writer(currently) Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

" I am doing research for my brother and I would greatly appreciate it if you would send me some hard facts on watergate. I want the begining evidence that was found and the critical documented facts that vendicated Nixon.

Randalene Sergent  StudentMorehead,Ky,40351

" I am doing research for my brother and I would greatly appreciate it if you would send me some hard facts on watergate. I want the begining evidence that was found and the critical documented facts that vendicated Nixon.

Randalene Sergent  StudentMorehead,Ky,40351

"Since I'm in the midst of reading a book which includes broadcast coverage of Watergate, it was interesting to view this story. The images are strong and powerful; the text like a time capsule report of that time period. I kept wanting more, however. More images, more text, more about that era in the same format."

Jan Stoltman  Writer/Business & Personal CoachNew York, N.Y.

"I want the reaction to the resignation, not a bunch of crap that doesn't mean anything anymore. For instance, the Knicks during the Nixon era means absolutely shit to me.

thank u "

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"I am interested to know how the american people reacted the watergate scandal and the resignation of Richard Nixon. Could you please get back to me asap. Thankyou"

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"I'm searching voor information about the Watergate Affaire and about Richard Nixon. Could you please mail me some information or give me a internet adress were I just can print the information.

Special thanks,

Paul Helmsing"

Paul Helmsing  StudentZoetermeer Holland

"Very nice story and pics. Black and white photos do it justice. It will be interesting to see the one on Bill 15 years from now :)"

William Stacy  Design

"are these your photos? - they are really wonderful - especially the portraits."

""Watergate"story is distorted. Real story should give more weight to Pentagon Papers Ellsberg/Russo Trial which exposed
the Fielding burglary, more important to Nixon's downfall
than the burglary at the DNC. "Watergate" can be summed up as follows: (1)Evidence of war crimes comes out,i.e. the Pentagon Papers,(2)Nixon tries to suppress it with a suit
against the newspapers and against me and Ellsberg as well as other nefarious goon squad activities,and (3)Nixon loses
the newspapers case and the Ellsberg/Russo case. The Ellsberg/Russo case came about because of my civil disobedience in the summer of 71. Had I not so acted, Ellsberg would likely have been convicted for taking and purveying the Pentagon Papers; Nixon would soared instead of crashing as he did."

Anthony J. Russo  scientist/ ex-defendant Pentagon Papers TrialSuffolk,VA,USA

"Good page"

Nicolai Pedersen  StudentDenmark

"Watergate established the American people as the true heads of the government. "

Marcus Augustine  studentMarksville,LA Avoyelles Parish

"I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Godfrey's photos and timeline about the Watergate Affair. I am reading "All the President's Men" right now, and the photos helped bring the history to life -- in a striking, almost beautiful way. Thank you."

Amy Daugherity  Student in journalismAbilene, TX

"Great site the photo of Sam Ervin is a classic."

Frank Laski  Public service in D.C, in 73Newton MA

"As a Swede born in 1970 I've heard a lot about something called the Watergate Scandal but never knew what it was all about. Thank you for bringing me into the light on this issue and do it to me again on the Bay of Pigs issue.
Great design with great content. Consider yourselves bookmarked Ò Tom@s =)"

Tomas Friberg  WWW designer/producerGothenburg, Sweden

"excellent site! a place I can send my students to for info. Keep up the good work!"

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"Apart from the specific details, what do these pictures mean to us? Here's a man in a suit, here's another man in a suit. What Ehrlichman looked like is hardly important except to his family now, decades later. What is important and worth thinking about now, is what probably happened?, what does it indicate about a society?, what lessons can we today make use of from this event? 1. Anyone with enough sense to have a cool drink on a hot day will conclude that Dick Nixon, a complex, insecure and unstable character most probably did approve of the burglary. 2. Conspiracies cannot be kept secret, especially when they involve something controversial. The more people involved in anything, the exponentially greater the probability it will not stay confidential. 3. The way things are handled often becomes a much bigger deal than the initial event: it was a third-rate bungled burglary, but the byzantine attempts to deny the truth of it toppled a government. 4. Is this the type of behavior that occurs in a strong, healthy society? Doesn't W'gate seem like something that would happen during the decline and fall of an empire?"

Michael Cervantes  writer

"It's great Mate Keep up the Good Work.
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"If the media elite are bringing up Watergate again, what are they going to say about Clinton's multiple political corruption and personal debauchery. Obviously Nixon and his administration were cub scouts compared to the new guys in Washington. Most folks are saying that the media is protecting the "golden boy". Time will tell...."

Dorothy  Accountant

"The watergate material was very well done, The photos say alot to the viewer just by themselves. Graphically it is extremely well designed. The only criticism that I could give would be for more photos."

Jim Gillgam  Graphic ArtistVa

"enjoyed your portrail of the Watergate episode.

Phil Hylton  writerRoanoke, Va. USA

"I wonder why no one ever investigated the death of Martha Mitchell and the fact that she was probably "deep throat"??"

"Love the watergate photos and snippets of watergate put in the context of the era. Even though I was around then (preteen) who can remember exciting tidbits like Wilbur Mills?"

"WOW!! Was looking for pix of obscure Watergate figures and happened here. Most impressive!"

Nancy Millman  accountant

"Thanks for this great site! It really jogged a few memories, not only of Watergate, but of the ensuing events. I spent most of the summer of 1973 (having just graduated from high school, and having campaigned sincerely and tirelessly for George McGovern the previous year - I think I was the only person in the country who was suprised when he lost...) floating on a raft in my parents' swimming pool in Tucson listening to the Watergate hearings in their entirety on public radio. I'm sure that I got my entire lifetime quotient of UV rays that year. I know I got more than my lifetime quotient of cynicism and mistrust that year. The site brought back a lot of memories and sadness. What an incredible - and incredibly painful - time. Great photos, most (all?) of which I'd never seen. Concise, yet informative text. I felt as if I went into a time warp that jostled me into all sorts of events - Viet Nam, the Summer of Love, Woodstock, Chicago convention of '68, Roe vs, Wade, ERA, Wilbur Mills, Love Canal, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Raygun (zap!}, and so much more... Thanks again!"

Margaret Anne Knight  Professional Counselor Private PracticeTucson, AZ USA

"I am a High School student attending Cardinal Gibbons HS in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Currently, our U.S. History class is covering Watergate. I found it so interesting that I knew I had to do some research on my own. During my hunt, I came across your story. It is quite easily the BEST source that I have seen so far. The information provided is incredibly indepth. The pictures are fantastic. Over all, the content and layout is so good that I believe this section of the site should be seen in all classes covering Watergate. Thank you for providing such indepth information on a famous historic event. I have learned so much from it, and will pass the information and location on to teachers and students."

Bill Ferrante  studentFt. Lauderdale, FL.

"This is the most conclusive Watergate site I have seen. However, you may want to add to it by creating a hyperlink to outline the events that took place. Thanks !!!"

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"Surfed on in •cus I needed some information about the Watergate affair."

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" Who was deep throat"

"I would just like to thank you for your well-developed profile of the Watergate Decade. They have served an important role in helping to create a paper about this scandalous period of American History. If you are aware of any additional Watergate sites or information that you might be able to direct me to, I'd greatly appreciate it."

- Adam Maclay student - High School Junior