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From album of Forrest MacCormack, Arlington, Virginia

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"I collect old negatives and have gathered a good collection of stuff over the past years. About seven years ago my mother gave me a rather large collection of family negatives that were taken by her father and mother in the 1920's in South Boston, Virginia. I was completely thrilled to have such rare and old documents that show what my grandparents looked like in their earlier years.

Sadly, I never met those grandparents because they died before I was born. I have "experienced" my maternal grandparents through stories and those photographs. I returned to South Boston several years ago with my mother to go and look at some of the same locations that were taken in the original negatives. My mother and I spent a day going over contact sheets I made and talking with older relatives to identify who was who in the photos.

The Guills most likely were French Huguenots that emigrated from France in the later part of the 1700's or early 1800's. My father's side of my family also has a old American roots and dates back several hundred years in the U.S. Some of the folks in the family group shot might be first or second generation immigrants from Czechoslovakia."

- Forrest MacCormack, Arlington, Virginia