Submitting Your Photographs to Family Album

We invite you to submit some of your family's historical photographs for publication on Musarium's Family Album. We are looking for portraits of first or second generation American immigrants, which will help us visualize our rich geneological roots. Typically, many of these photographs you will find will range from the 1880s through the 1920s, one of the highest periods of immigration into America. Many people continue to immigrate here, so more contemporary photographs would also be appropriate.

Photo Specifications

You may submit up to three photographs via an email attachment. For vertical portraits (we assume most portraits were made as verticals), size the photos to approximately 500 pixels high at 72dpi (if you're not comfortable with using pixel measurements, this is also equivalent to 6 inches high at 72dpi). Save the photos in .jpg format, and use a medium quality setting when saving the photographs. Your final photo should end up no bigger than 50-75K in size.

Caption Information and Introductory Text

Please enclose caption information for each of your photographs: we would like to know who the person(s) are, their relation to you, approximate date when the photographs were taken, and location. Also, if you can write up a paragraph about where you found the photographs or some personal anecdotes about your album and ancestors, please write something in your message.

Where to Send Your Portraits

Send your photos in an email attachment to us to We will not accept or be responsible for postal deliveries - send us email attachments only, please.

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