Interviews 50 Cents Indiana State Fair
Uptown, Downtown

Angela Moorman : Well, I want to be a role model. You know, I never had a black teacher before. It was just the luck of the draw, I guess. I just never had one. And I love kids. Oh, I love 'em to death. And I think middle school kids, when they start going through puberty and their nose gets big and their head is small, and their ears get all big and their feet ... Oh my God, their feet are so big, and they're so short. I think that is so -- I mean -- people are like, "Oh my God, how could you ever want to teach a weird group like that?" But I think they're just hilarious. I love them. I think they're so funny. And so, I guess that's my story, I just can't wait to be a teacher. And I know I am one -- I mean, I signed the contract, and I've got the room and everything. But, for the, for like the, I don't, know, the first day, Monday.

Alex Chadwick: What are you going to do?

Angela Moorman: I'll probably faint. No -- I don't know. I think I'll cry. I really do. God, look at me, I'm getting misty even talking about it. These are happy tears. I can't wait. I just can't wait.

Alex Chadwick: Thanks very much for talking to me.

Angela Moorman: Sure.

Alex Chadwick : We stayed two days, hearing stories sometimes oddly flavored by the music drifting in from the midway. We were ready to quit before we actually did, and that interview, the last, that was our prize for having waited.

End of Indiana State Fair

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