Interviews 50 Cents

Uptown, Downtown, Out of Town

Uptown, Downtown

Alex Chadwick: How would this conversation go if I were a woman conducting this interview?

Mary Abbajay (second interview subject): Oh, we'd get right down and dirty. I think we'd get --

Stephanie Abbajay: We would probably be --

Mary Abbajay: -- we'd be bonding.

Stephanie Abbajay: Yeah, we'd be bonding.

Mary Abbajay: By now, we would have like finished your sentences for you and said --

Stephanie Abbajay: We'd be touching each other a lot.

Mary Abbajay: We would have found some common things like --

Alex Chadwick: You don't really need too many questions.
Just get people started.

Mary Abbajay: Like, I have friends who gave up cattiness for Lent, and I said, "Count me out." You know, that's like, I'll give up chocolate. I'll give up cigarettes -- (inaudible) -- but I'm not giving up being catty. I mean, what good is there? What is the point of even conversing for the next six weeks if you're going to give up cattiness? (Music.)

Alex Chadwick: I forget. What was it I asked?

Wynn Wood (third interview subject): Here I am, this fat, political lesbian, with my little two-year-old, looking out my window. What a beautiful day. What a beautiful time.


Lorrie Fox
(fourth interview subject): And I hope these politicians start doing something about, you know, stay out of outer space for a while and start cleaning up what we've got going on around here -- hunger, and people need education.


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