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Uptown, Downtown, Out of Town

Uptown, Downtown

Alex Chadwick: What country are you from?

Mounir Salmi (fifth interview subject): Tunisia.

Alex Chadwick: Huh?

Mounir Salmi: In North Africa.

Alex Chadwick: North Africa.

Mounir Salmi: South of Italy.

Alex Chadwick: Do you want to become an American citizen?
Are you --

Mounir Salmi: Oh, yes, I'm planning to.

Alex Chadwick: You are?

Mounir Salmi: Yes. You know, I'm planning -- I'm planning to stay here for good. Forever. But, I am scared by the idea that one day I'm sure that one of my relatives is going to be shot.

Alex Chadwick: Now, so you're worried that one of your relatives is going to get shot -- someone you know would get shot. Would that happen in Tunisia?

Mounir Salmi: No. Never.

Alex Chadwick: Then why live here? What -- doesn't it seem odd to you that you would -- you expect something terrible to happen here but still you're going to stay?

Mounir Salmi: I don't have it on my mind every minute. Otherwise, I'd get sick, and quickly. I can survive.

Alex Chadwick: But don't you know now many Americans are saying, "Oh, we're not number one anymore. And, you know, maybe we're still number one, but we're headed for number two, and then number three -- and who knows, maybe we're going to be number 17 or 20 or 48 pretty soon."

Mounir Salmi: What is wonderful in this place is you don't really, you don't really care about the number to compare it with the other countries, but how you feel inside. And we feel number one. It's incredible. They want to say that you are not anymore number one, but you feel like you're happy, you're okay.

Alex Chadwick: All right.

Mounir Salmi: Okay. Thank you very much.

Alex Chadwick: I didn't get your name.

Mounir Salmi: Yeah. My name is Munir Salmi.

Alex Chadwick: Thank you.

Mounir Salmi: Thank you very much for the hearing to me. Should I pay something? Should I pay you something -- 50 cents?

Alex Chadwick: We'll pay you 50 cents. That was a good interview.


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