Interviews 50 Cents

Uptown, Downtown, Out of Town

Uptown, Downtown

Joe Miklosi (seventh interview subject): What are we going to talk about? Is there like a script to follow at all?

Alex Chadwick: We don't have a script. We can't afford a script. Fifty cents, I mean, you know. Five dollars, maybe we'd have a script.

Kim Cantor (eighth interview subject): I spent five years on active duty with the Air Force and tried a variety of criminal cases and other cases like that. Since then, I now work for the beloved Internal Revenue Service and -- (laughs) -- I do pension plans.

Alex Chadwick: I just want you to know that the 50 cents goes to a charitable cause. We don't keep any of the money.

Kim Cantor: Glad to hear it.

Alex Chadwick: He's shy.

Chad Sparrow (ninth interview subject): His name is Austin Horbaly.

Alex Chadwick: Austin?

Maggie Toepffer: (Laughing.)

Alex Chadwick: Austin Horbaly?

Maggie Toepffer: He's the cutest boy.

Alex Chadwick: He's cute?

Louise Hooff: Yes.

Chad Sparrow: He lives across the street from me.

Louise Hooff: Brownish-blackish hair.

Alex Chadwick: Yeah.

Maggie Toepffer: He has blue eyes.

Louise Hooff: He has blue eyes.

Maggie Toepffer: And braces.

Alex Chadwick: Do you think Austin really -- even though he's a little shy, I think perhaps -- how does he feel about Maggie? But, now speak up a little bit here.

Chad Sparrow: I think he kind of likes Maggie, but I'm not sure.

Alex Chadwick: Oh.

Chad Sparrow: He's real -- I know he's shy, but --Austin, I'm not saying anything, so don't beat me up, okay.

Maggie Toepffer: I don't want him to like me as a friend.

Louise Hooff: Austin likes Maggie. Austin likes Maggie.


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