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Shockwave Stories

Ice Dreams
The Boys of Bundy Cottage
by Joe Weiss
Boys in a modern orphanage in North Carolina.

Birth: The Opening Act

Visions and Icons
by Geoffrey Hiller and Lev Liberman
A journey through the former states of the Eastern Bloc.

Border States
by Alan Dorow

Cigar Bar
by Danuta Otfinowski

Ice Dreams
by Darren Carroll

Spring Break

by Keith McManus

QuickTime Stories

Hiking Planet Earth
Hiking Planet Earth
by Bill Warren
Join Bill on his hikes around the world, starting in Greenland and continuing through North and South America.

Looking for the Light
by Scott Thode
Experience the stories of people living with HIV.
Looking for the Light

The Wedding
The Wedding
Place yourself at a Pennsylvania wedding reception, with QuickTime VR.

Busting Loose

Cape Codless

by Michael Lutzky

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