When Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu of South Africa visited Helena, Montana in 1990, a reporter asked the Nobel laureate "why did you come to Helena, Montana?"

"Of all places," Mr. Tutu replied, "it is the one with the Montana Logging and Ballet Company."

The Archbishop had been charmed by the singing quartet of satirical mishief makers four years earlier in Kentucky, where they sang "Take the Barriers Down", an anti-apartheid anthem.

Thousands of others have enthusiastically embraced the troupe, whose Helena, Montana based-members include Steve Garnaas-Holmes, Rusty Harper, Bob FitzGerald and Tim Holmes.

The Christian Science Monitor wrote that "Some of the humor is satire; much of the satire is musical; and all of the music is original. This is no ordinary logging and ballet company."

Where did they get their name? According to Garnaas-Holmes, "We gave a number to every letter in the alphabet, put all our zip codes together - and it spelled something really dirty. So we changed it to the Montana Logging and Ballet Company."

Visit the Montana Logging & Ballet website

For bookings and performance information, call:

Bob FitzGerald, Manager

(406) 443-1690

Upstream Records
1515 Winne
Helena, Montana 59601

They also sell copies of their two tapes, "Take the Barriers Down" and "We Don't Get It" for $12.50 apiece, available from Upstream Records, as well as "snazzy" MLBC T-shirts which say "Don't laugh, it only encourages them." in ash or purple for $15 apiece in M, L, XL.

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