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America Attacked
America Attacked

Photographs from September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington, with ongoing reactions in the cities and rural areas of the U.S. Participate in ongoing forums about the attack and our possible responses, and use our resources for links to incisive stories about terrorism and America's changed state after the attacks.

The Network by Will Yurman
The Network
by Will Yurman

Powerful and personal stories by people in the Adult Brain Tumor Network in Rochester, New York.

Without Sanctuary

James Allen's devastating collection of posctcards and photographs of lynchings in America.
Without Sanctuary

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Shockwave Versions

  • Birth: The Opening Act

  • Border States

  • Cigar Bar

  • Spring Break

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    Story Archives
    • A Matter of Life and Death
      by Michael Lustzky   7/22/00
      Assisted suicide in Australia's Northern Territory, the world's first legal experiment with euthanasia.

    • Afghan Refugees
      by Dennis Drenner   10/20/01
      Refugees along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    • Animal Crackers
      Animals and people come together in this surreal digitally-composed story

    • Balkan Portraits
      by Dr. Fritz Wentzel   6/15/00
      Journey through the Balkan states in the early 1900's in this amazing collection of photographs.

    • Banat: The Forgotten Czechs
      by Iva Zomova   11/11/96
      A remarkable story of exiled Czechs in the Banat region of Romania

    • Bike Week
      by Burk Uzzle   2/1/98
      The annual gathering of Harley riders in Daytona Beach, Florida

    • Bird Hand Book
      by Victor Schrager and A.S. Byatt   12/15/01
      Birds beautifully photographed in an unadorned setting.

    • Birth: The Opening Act
      Share the birth of a daughter in this Shockwave movie (296K) or as a regular version

    • Body Parts
      by Mark Godfrey   1/5/99
      Artificial limbs, hips, breasts and more...

    • Border States
      by Alan Dorow   5/5/96
      A journey through the southwestern border states of Arizona and Sonora

    • Busting Loose
      by Michael Lutzky   5/12/98
      Senior Pro Rodeo riders keep you on the edge of your saddle in this mixed-media presentation

    • The Candidate
      by Scott Goldsmith   7/15/00
      Behind-the-scenes with John McCain's unlikely candidacy

    • Cape Codless
      by Michael Lutzky   7/15/99
      Dissapearing fish in Cape Cod Bay.

    • Cassadaga
      by Gary Monroe   2/7/98
      Spritualists in the central Florida community of Cassadaga

    • Cigar Bar
      by Danuta Otfinowski   4/29/96
      Women and men enjoy their stogies in New York cigar bars

    • Commonplace
      by Christine Welch   4/15/98
      Unusual American interiors in otherwise normal places

    • Eye of the Storm
      Featuring the journals and watercolors of Union Private Robert Knox Sneden, this amazing collection gives a new perspective to events in the Civil War.

    • Familiar Ghosts
      by Honor Woodard   11/1/97
      The surfacing of memory and the spiritual mapping of place

    • Family Album
      Virtual albums of American families

    • Fragile Worlds
      by Timothy Fadek   11/10/98
      Story about a halfway house for trouble kids in New York

    • Gaza
      by Ethan Eisenberg   6/16/96
      Eisenberg's in-depth look at the Gaza Strip

    • Grand Central
      by Scott Robinson   5/20/96
      A rarely-seen view below the great train terminal

    • Harper Park
      by Mark Haven   8/15/96
      Visit a trailer park in this intimate and personal story

    • Hiking Planet Earth
      by Bill Warren   2/5/00
      Join Bill in his ongoing series of hikes around the world.

    • Hollywood Boulevard
      by David Butow   5/1/97
      Butow's penetrating and haunting vision of life along California's famous street

    • Ice Dreams
      by Darren Carroll   4/15/99
      The Austin Ice Bats try to change their hockey fortunes

    • Interviews 50 Cents
      by Ray Farkus and Alex Chadwick   2/15/00
      Extraordinary interviews with everyday people in America

    • Italian Journal
      by Willie Osterman   12/5/98
      Photo journal of a year spent in Bologna, Italy

    • Lithuania: Looking Back
      by Laurence Salzmann   12/5/96
      A moving and evocative portrait of Lithuanian Jews

    • Looking for the Light
      by Scott Thode   2/1/99
      A decade of living with HIV

    • Monumental
      Explore the monuments of Washington, D.C. through QuickTime VRs and streaming video.

    • Motion Pictures
      by Amy Heller   2/4/97
      Motion-study nudes in the spirit of Muybridge

    • Nonstop Sweat
      by Pete Souza   7/15/97
      Plebes struggle through their first summer at the U.S. Naval Academy

    • Olympics 2000
      Background stories on the Summer Olympics Games, including Olympic History, The Athlete by Anderson and Low, and Shooting Sports with Peter Read Miller.

    • Orlando at the Millennium
      by Eric Breitenbach   6/24/96
      An intricate and beautiful portrait of central Florida

    • Paese Italiano
      by Jodi Hilton   6/10/01
      Journey through a southern Italian village where Carlo Levi lived.

    • Portraits
      by Steve McCurry   2/27/00
      An amazing series of portraits by the Magnum photographer

    • Presidential Inauguration 2001
      by Steve Piper, Mark Godfrey, Keith McManus, Sean True and Alan Dorow   2/15/01
      The George W. Bush inauguration in photos and video

    • Rift Valley Dreams
      by Jennifer Loomis   1/14/99
      Aspirations of two young women in Kenya

    • Spring Break
      by W. Keith McManus   4/29/96
      An exploration of youth, suntan oil and beer with America's college citizens

    • Tattoo You
      by Michele Curel   12/20/97
      Body art (the permanent kind) on display at a tattoo convention in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

    • The Texas Album
      by Jonathan Saunders   7/1/99
      A photo journal of a journey back a family in Texas

    • Times Square
      by Carrie Boretz   2/28/97
      Subterranean visions underneath the famous New York landmark

    • Watergate: Illusions and Delusions
      by Mark Godfrey   9/30/97
      The decade of Watergate, with all its players of darkness and mystery

    • When Flowers Fall
      by Jennifer Loomis   2/28/98
      How Japan is dealing with its elderly, as seen through one nursing home