Halloween by Peter Krogh

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Get Scared!

On the plains of Britain almost a millennium before it was Britain, the Druids celebrated the end of their year, the end of the harvest, and the coming of the winter on the night of October 31st. They celebrated with masked parades, bonfires, fortune telling, and religious rituals.

Photographer Peter Krogh has spent years documenting the rituals and events of this celebrated holiday. These pictures are from the greatest street parties in America: San Francisco's Exotic Erotic Ball, Key West's Fantasy Festival, New York's Greenwich Village Parade, and the barricaded streets of West Hollywood, Baltimore's Fells Point, Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Georgetown in DC, and St. Louis. Though each celebration differs, Halloween also shows how much we have in common. Shared mythology, obsession with culture and media, the love of a good joke, the need to create — these are found wherever Halloween is celebrated.

All Photographs ©2002 Peter Krogh. All rights reserved.
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