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Vietnam Inc. by Phillip Jones Griffiths
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Perhaps it was because he was a foreign observer in a far-off war. Maybe he just saw things more clearly than most people. Ultimately, he showed the American public the real horrors of the Vietnam war.

Welsh Magnum photographer Philip Jones Griffiths saw Vietnam as a "goldfish bowl where the values of American and Vietnamese can be observed, studied, and because of their contrasting nature, more easily appraised."

Griffiths's images were some of the first to clearly show the mismatch of American soldiers in a place they didn't belong. America had became lost in a conflict run by a government which had lost its perspective about its place in the world.

View the photographs from his landmark book and an interview he made about his work with writer and former Magnum director Bob Dannin. The captions with the photographs are excerpted from Jones Griffiths's original captions in Vietnam Inc. A new printed edition of Vietnam Inc. is also currently available, as well as a rare copy of his original edition from Pawprint Books.

All Photographs ©2002 Phillip Jones Griffiths/Magnum Photos. All Rights Reserved.

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