Dating to Reconstruction, historical proof exists of the willingness of Logan County whites to murder blacks in an effort to control labor and profits. Joseph Riley, and Virgil, Robert, and Thomas Jones were discontented sharecroppers in Logan County. Rufus Browder had been a friend and lodge brother of the four sharecroppers. He and James Cunningham, the farmer for whom he worked, had an argument. Browder turned and walked away when Cunningham cursed him and struck him with a whip. Cunningham then drew his pistol and shot Browder in the chest. Browder, in self-defense, returned the fire and killed Cunningham. After having his wounds tended to, Browder was arrested and sent to Louisville for his own protection.

Subsequently, the three Jones men and Riley were conducting a lodge meeting in a private home when police entered and arrested them for disturbing the peace. In fact, they were arrested for having expressed approval of Browder's actions and discontentment with their employers. (Whites feared that black lodges were planning assassinations.) One hundred men entered the jail and demanded the prisoners. The jailer complied, and the four men were lynched. A note pinned to one of the men read, "Let this be a warning to you niggers to let white people alone or you will go the same way."

Another example of this card, owned by James Mathews, notes, "This picture was taken at sunrise, Aug 1st by a young lady."

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