by Cheryl Todd

    Have you ever really set back and wondered what it would be like if! Well I have just this weekend and it pains me to think of a life without my mother. I am thirty-six years old and my mother has always been there for me whenever I needed her to be. I guess I have always taken it for granted that nothing could ever happen to this woman that she would always be around forever. Just think about it for awhile and then think about reality of the day you may have to face of putting her to rest.

    I haven't had to do that yet, thank God. But that thought hit me like a brick wall this past week. My mother was admitted into the hospital with chest pains and the doctors know its her heart. Oh, I know they will do everything they can to make her all better. But that is not what bothered me. What really bothered me is that someday I will have to say good-bye to her for good. Or at least until I see her in heaven, which I know I will. I cried until I couldn't cry anymore thinking this thought.

    Let me ask this one question, Do we really take our parents for granted thinking that they will never die? My answer was yes, I do take it for granted. Beleive me that I know that everyone must pass on some day. I really do, but these people who raised me from an infant, clothed me and feed me are suppose to be there for me forever, aren't they?

    I guess if you think about it we just don't want to face reality. We see enough reality on the news, in our streets, and schools. I talked to my mother about how I was feeling and just like always she made me feel better about what God has in store for us. It's not to say that when the day comes that I will not miss her, but that I know she will still be watching over me and if I ever need her help and guidance that she will still be there for me...

    I love you mom.


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