New stories added March 30

From Reader Stories:

"He paid and left, walked past her and they locked eyes. He was naked, she was covered in her belief. Her invisible clear eyes flashed a brief recognition and he nodded. She smiled under her veil. Their relationship of mutual respect ignored verbal language."
- from Bedouin Woman Takes the Leftovers

"Let me ask this one question, Do we really take our parents for granted thinking that they will never die?."
- from Mom

Here's your chance to tell your real story on Musarium. Do you have a tale to tell? A few words about a unique or formative time, place, incident or relationship? A story that expresses your unique nature? Please take a few moments to tell us something of your life. Submissions can be based on ideas and issues raised by Musarium's presentations or they can be on a topic of your choosing. Don't be shy.

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