Jose's Life in 2001
 by Jose L

    2001 started New Years day still living with my parents. Started out with a ton of fun new years night, had my new digital camera. Had a very great new years night. I received an invitation from President Bush to his inauguration but was not able to attend cause I did not have money.

    January was the start of some very bad times some of the worst times in my life. I was still in battle with my mother over her smoking. Battling day and night with my father about using his 3rd home phone line to hook my computer to the Internet. Still could not keep a job. After going through so many jobs in 2000 and watching January start the same I decided to start making thoughts of going to Las Vegas in 2000 reality. I begun research on Las Vegas, places to stay, work and things to do.

    January 2001
    My mother went to the hospital for surgery to have her gallbladder removed. My sister was still talking about moving to Florida and getting this new job. I was researching Las Vegas. At the end job January after several days of arguing with my sister and mother I got on a bus to Las Vegas.

    I sold my digital camera and headed across the country. It was like heaven for me at first, the second I hit Las Vegas I went into a casino won $40.00 enough to stay in a hotel then won another $100.00 I ate very good that day.

    February 2001
    With in a few days my luck turned for the worst. I lost all my money then filled a police report saying a maid stole $500.00 from me in a hotel room, hoping to get my money back. I went to the police station and filled out a report while filling out the report I stated that I was thinking of hurting myself so I was sent to the hospital and released with in two hours. The next day I called home to my parents in CT. and begged them to get me a bus ticket to come back home. They got me the bus ticket and I came back home. Coming back to the same situation I did my taxes and I was out to Las Vegas again with in a matter of 2 weeks. This time I lost all my money in a matter of 2 days, I went looking for help. Finally after a night of living on the streets I started going to GA meetings, I was getting help from the members in the GA meetings, some where getting me food and others where providing me with a lot of mental help. I was homeless and refused to live in a shelter, some days I would make money from the Casinos and most I would end up spending the night on the streets, I was kicked out of a few casinos, one even gave me a life time ban. The people where very cold they did not want to hear about my problems they heard the stories day in and day out. One day I walked into a Mental Hospital and told them I was going to kill myself, told them that I was a dead man. They did not believe me while leaving there hospital about an hour after I came I jumped in front a white pick up truck, everyone started screaming. The trucked stopped before it was able to hit me. Right after that I rushed to a GA meeting, I got lost on my way ended up going down the strip the wrong way and catching the wrong bus. I ended up at the meeting 2 hours late but still got there. One of the people I always talk to there helped me out and convinced me to call my parents again. I called them and begged once again for a bus ticket back home. They sent me the bus ticket and I got back home safe. Went 4-5 days with no food, but still got home safe.

    March and April 2001
    Very very stressful times. My sister moved to Florida, and I was still going job to job to job. But I was making and saving money. At the end of March I landed a job in CT at the Web Doctor I was fired with in two weeks, but I made enough money to move out of my parents house.

    At the very end of April I moved out of my parents house into an apartment in Springfield MA..

    May 2001
    I worked very hard going Job to job to job. Kept up with my bills and got to know the area a little

    June 2001
    Celebrated my 23rd Birth Day with my parents. Enjoyed my birth day which almost seemed like just another day to me. Worried about job situations. I meet God and start going to church every Sunday.

    July 2001
    I took out papers to run for Mayor of Springfield. I started to get involved with the community. I started a very good job at ISO New England and started making some very good money.

    My sister got married to Sameer Kahn.

    August 2001
    Started working on Paul Caron's mayoral campaign and got my very first car. A gift from Zeek Lauriano. 1989 Mercury Sable, Grey. 164,000 miles.

    September 2001
    September 6th The month started out with me losing my job. September 11th Theorist fly 2 airplanes into the twin towers in NYC, and one into the Pentagon September 12th I go to New York, I leave around 3pm and arrive there around 6pm and stay till 8-9pm. I could only get 15 blocks from the world trade center, I was mainly in prayer circles with many people praying for survivors. I talked with a rescue worker that saved that last body to be found alive.

    By the end of the month I remain jobless but still working on Paul Caron's campaign.

    October 2001
    I find out my Grandmothers cancer is worse then ever, I was told she would only live a short amount of time.

    October 1st I start a case against the land lord for not fixing my apartment
    October 3rd My parents give me a ticket to Puerto Rico to see my Grandmother
    October 4th Last day my Grandmother ever sees and understands who I am
    October 10th My Grandmother dies
    October 14th I bury my Grandmother
    October 15th I come back to the United States

    I am still working on Paul Caron's campaign.

    November 2001     The month starts with Paul Caron losing the election. Then I get an eviction notice. I continue to prepare my case against the landlord.

    December 2001 I am able to spend Christmas in Florida with my sister and family. Still jobless. Spending every working day looking for a job.

    So I end the year with a lot of memories. The rock bottom of the year and my life, being homeless in Las Vegas, to the highlight of the year, having one of the most enjoyable jobs of my life. From getting an invitation for President Bush's Inauguration to running for Mayor of Springfield to losing on the first campaign I work hard on. From being a part of my sisters wedding, to watching my Grandmother die. But most of all if there is one thing I take from this year it is being introduced to God, letting him in my heart and learning of his love for this world.


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