Angel Wings
 by Debbie C

    They chose the old stone wall
    across the field as a watch.
    The place where it looked over
    the grassy meadow,
    and beyond that,
    a vast amount of sky could be seen
    in every direction,
    opening the universe
    as a doorway to heaven.
    They sat on top of the wall,
    close together,
    searching the horizon
    with hungry eyes
    as the warm summer breeze whispered.

    "Angel Wings." Brian spoke softly.
    "Mama said she would have Angel's Wings."
    He watched the sky intently,
    his hand protectively over his brow.

    "Do you think we will see her?"
    He looked to Sheila for answers.
    Desperately he missed Gramma,
    and at almost five he was unable
    to understand death,
    but old enough
    to believe in Angels.

    She put a comforting arm
    across his shoulders,
    looking for the right words.
    "If you search with your heart,
    you will see her."

    "But....what if we missed her?"
    His voice quivered.
    "Maybe she went to Heaven already."
    He turned to face Sheila.
    "Without saying goodby..."

    "She would never go without saying goodby."
    Sheila tried to reassure him.

    His hand went back to his brow,
    shading his eyes from the afternoon sun,
    and continued the watch.

    Brian wasn't going to give up,
    and Sheila patiently waited with him,
    wanting to feel his innocent belief
    in angels.

    he sat up straight.
    "I think I see her.."
    His voice was whispered.
    "Look...over there.."
    His small hand pointed toward the clouds.
    "I see Angel Wings."

    Sheila followed his gaze and nodded.
    "I think I see her too."
    She agreed with his longing.
    Then his voice laughed,
    "It is Gramma!!
    And she has Angel Wings
    just like mama said she would!!"
    He waved to the sky.
    "Can she see me?"
    "Sheila,     can she see me??!"
    He blew a kiss with both hands,
    sending it to the wind.

    "Goodby Gramma!!"
    His watch was rewarded.
    "I love you!!"

    Sheila looked back
    to follow his vision and slowly
    lifted her arm in a wave too.
    The clouds parted slowly
    and one stray sunbeam came through,
    illuminating a path toward heaven....
    Sheila wiped a tear from her face,
    and because of a little boy's faith...
    Sheila saw her too.
    And she saw Angel Wings....


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