Made Up Girl
 by Granuiale

    I'm a made up girl in a made up world. My parents divorced when I was eight. I thought that it would never happen, but it did. My dad didn't do anything wrong, it was my mom that wanted out of the marriage. She left my dad for someone else's husband. Her new boyfriend never got his divorce, he's still with his wife. I think I've told this story a million times, and each time I have to hold back my tears. My moms boyfriend was nice at first, he gave me spending money, be bought me toys. He even at one time wanted to adopt me, he had our whole family life planned out, I was to be the towns star basketball player (may I add, I hate basketball) and star runner of the cross country team, and a straight A student. He wanted a perfect daughter, he already had a semi- perfect son. But my mom wouldn't let him adopt me, I already had a dad I didn't need or want another one. This made her boyfriend hate me with a passion. He threatened millions of times to kill me. Then finally one day, my mom found out she was pregnant by him. Nine months later my half sister was born. When she was three months old he threatened to kill all three of us. Even after that mom didn't both to leave him.

    As I got older we moved from house to house just to move back to gramma's house, our only haven for when mom left her boyfriend for only a week or so at a time. And sometimes that place wasn't even safe. When my grandparents weren't home my mom would let him in the house and he wouldn't leave and my brother would come by to kick him out and they would end up fighting. My moms boyfriend isn't very well built, he's thick in the middle and short. My brother would throw him across the room and then kick him out. When I became a teenager mom got her own house, an almost-brand new one. By now I was a lot taller than him, and mom and he had had another daughter. In the summer I would stay in my room blasting my music to try and drown out my thoughts and mom would be at work and her boyfriend would be at home since he had no job and is lazy he would come in my room and try to get mad at me. I was big enough to stop him from yelling at me. I jumped up and shoved him down the hall way pulling his hair out telling him how big of an ass he is. This would happen more and more, finally my dad stepped in. He fought for custody and won. I've been living with him for the past two years. Last year my mom moved away with my sisters to a neighboring city, she followed her boyfriend there. I see her about once a month. I remember one time coming home after visiting her my oldest brother asked me "so, have you gotten enough mothering for the next month?" He asked me this because him and my other brother were already out of high school when our parents divorced and my sisters get both of their parents, and I just get our dad. When he asked this I just said yes and held back the tears. In my baby book mom wrote under 'your first words upon having your child' "What am I going to do with a girl?!" I guess she never did figure that one out.


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