Interviews 50 Cents

Uptown, Downtown, Out of Town

Uptown, Downtown

Alex Chadwick: Good afternoon. An interview opportunity here. Fifty cents.

Jay Schatz: Are you going to pay me, or shall I pay you?.

Alex Chadwick: Well, it all depends on how good the story is.

Mr: : Okay. Then let's just leave it on the table and we'll see what happens.

Alex Chadwick: All right.

Jay Schatz: I've been searching the world over -- at least for the past 12 months, anyhow -- to try to find the tongue end for this chin strap, this scale chin strap on this 1900 French dragoon helmet. See, I have the buckle end already. See?

Alex Chadwick: Oh, I see, yeah.

Jay Schatz: Where is it? Up here. Buckle end. I need the tongue end on here. What do you think?

Alex Chadwick: I'd say you owe me 50 cents.


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