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I journey of tears, and joy, and love. The pictures, the website are a kiss of hope, a promise that in the end love is eternal.
- dahlia Tampa, FL, U.S.A.

I have been working on prevention for HIV, not a book though, but online stuff people canuse for free wiothout ordering.
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- DaveyBoy Toronto

I just finished the HIV/AIDS series by Scott Thode and the production team. I do not personally know anyone with the disease but found the photography by Scott and the way it was presented to be very touching. Scott's photographs captured something about the people and their joy of life and the sadness of its end. Thanks. I hope I can one day do something as inspirational as Scott.
- Richard Owen

I was seventeen when my father died. I had no idea what he was going through. We never spoke about it. I realize now how much he suffered. If only I knew then when he needed someone to carry the emotional strain of this disease. Unfortunately he died alone. My heart went with him.
- Johanna New York, New York, United States

Pictures are quiet but powerful, speechless pictures but said so much.

feel a strong urge to cry after viewing the the story of venus. I think it's the most powerful of all. maybe it's the special bond between Venus and the photographer.
- hoihoi PJ, Selangor, Malaysia


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