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Question from Nikki, London, England:

How did you first get interested in the stories of people with HIV/AIDs?
"I first got interested in the subject of documenting AIDS in early 1986. I was asked to photograph someone who was HIV for US News & World Report. In my search for a subject I met the people at Bailey House. I was so taken by the spirit of the people there and the strong sense of community of people fighting to stay alive that I asked if I could come back and spend more time photographing them. I was told I could if I would also be a volunteer and help with the recreation program. Well, to make a long story short I spent two years there most of which I acted as the assistant recreational director at the same time taking pictures of people who became some of my dearest friends. There were 40 people living there when I first started and by the time I left all had passed away except two. I guess I just had to continue my photographic work because there were and still are people dying and in a smmall way I feel what I do can and does make a difference somewhere in the world. I hope this answers your question.

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