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I have a new proven method for singles/couples to successfully adopt a newborn baby domestically. If you are interested in adding this topic to your self help offering, please contact me for details. Below is a brief news release.

Should this be a topic of interest for you, please reply with a general mail box and I will send you a copy of my guide.

Adopt Now On Your Own………Anything but Conventional.

How can you minimize the long days and never-ending months waiting to have a child when adopting through agencies and attorneys? It’s simple; just get rid of them. Something new and unconventional is now available to anyone who is interested in achieving success quickly while saving $1,000’s in the process. I was just like everyone else, lost and helpless after being probed and studied with several Fertility Specialists, resulting in less than zero after a few years. Arriving at my next stop of frustration with several attorneys and agencies, I was tired of being controlled and restricted, much of the same as other want-to-be-parents I had met along the way. Being an impatient tenacious individual, it was time to do it myself. My success was accomplished after a 4 month period, a 5 lb. 4 ounce-baby boy! Now you can have the same opportunity, offers the unconventional process in a self-help program. This simple, basic instruction will reduce costs and limit the endless waiting of years into months.

The unique benefit of is being assisted with a Parent Support System. You have email access with a professional whom you may contact for those difficult crossroads which you may encounter. You are the decision-maker for every step of this process in-turn your selections will offer large cost reduction strategies while increasing your opportunity.

At, we have achieved success due to one belief……

Attorney and Agencies don’t have Babies….Mothers do!

John Maltese

John Maltese
- John Mt. Laurel, NJ USA

My story begins on September 19 2001.
I was hospitalized for a week because i had an
operation to fix my heart.It was a long six weeks.
My friend Krysten and i had a good visit when she
came to visit me.This operation saved my life.
Please don't wait untill it's too late.The End
- Zack Kessler Bolton Connecticut USA

My experiences as a nurse helping my survivor family members deal with my brother and his wife dying of AIDS could be an interesting topic. During the past ten years, I switched nursing careers to Public Health in my need to DO something preventive, gave up that arena and now I am trying to continue as a school nurse. Between 1988-1996, I buried, in order, my brother--AIDS (who was a BAILEY); my step-father--heart attack; my mother--heart attack; my sister-in-law--AIDS; my father--Alzheimer's (not at all present until my brother's diagnosis).

By my reckoning, all five were AIDS victims as the stress related killed the other three. Not to mention the lost relationships with the remaining family. Not to mention my divorce.

Do I have post traumatic stress disorder? I sometimes think so. It's been three years plus since I buried the last one and I'm still standing,yeah, yeah, yeah....but just barely.

I can't cry when appropriate and bawl for no reason at all in the most awkward situations. Maybe I'm victim # 6??? Or maybe my daughter, son, my nieces, nephew....The devil knows.

If hell is worse than this.............
- Elaine Moorhead Oxford, MS, USA

I have been living with AIDS for fifteen years. I have been very fortunate to have good health and am now appreciating that more and more. A former prostitute, drug addict and alcoholic, I pretty much hit rock bottom..but no matter how much I abused my health and body, I luckily never expericenced any opportunistic infections. But my CD4 remains at 230 as it has for many many years. Well, I am five years clean with drugs, alcohol and no longer prostitute. I started taking care of my body and mind. I first found an excellent case management agency and I have an outstanding case manager. They, in turn, put me in touch with a great counsellor. He has made a tremendous difference in my life. He helped me search internally to find peace and acceptance from myself for myself. I work out daily and take excellent vitamins along with my protease inhibitors. I look better than I ever did and feel great. But I will say that once I realized that God loves me for doesn't matter whether you are gay, IV drug user, or homeless, he loves you. And he made me the way I am and that I am just fine. I believe that good mental health counseling is a crucial part of living with HIV/AIDS. The other part is exercising and taking better care of your body. If you are doing well with the new medications, then you should take advantage of that and begin to help your body heal and be stronger. Surrounding yourself with positive people and eliminating the negative elements in your life will ensure a quality of life....Luis F. Moreno, St Petersburg, FL
- Luis F. Mornoe St Petersburg, FLORIDA, USA

I was diagnosed in l984, in a time when there was so much confusion and fear. We were told, during those days, that we had about 2 yrs to live. Well, That was 15 years ago and I am still here and doing quite well. I have been blessed with excellent health and even though I am categorized as full blown AIDS,
- Luis F. Moreno St Petersburg, Florida.....USA

I was first diagnosed with HIV in May 1989. I have now been living with the knowledge of HIV/AIDS for ten years. I currently take the three-part "cocktail" medications to suppress the virus. This has so far been very successful for me. I have maintained health and enjoy life. However, the main reason I attribute this good fortune is not to my doctor or the medication, nor to my own self desires or "inner" strength. I give all the glory to God and His Son, Jesus Christ whom I accepted in late 1990. Because of Him I have hope for this life and even more for the after-life. I know where I will be when I die - in glory with Him. He has seen fit to bless me abundantly while still here. I now have a wife and two beautiful children with another on the way. They are all healthy and HIV negative! All this AFTER living a life of homosexuality which brought on the disease. I no longer live that way as you can see. My God is a God of miracles. My life is proof of that! He can help anyone live a better life - HIV+ or not! When dispair gets you down, Father God lifts you up! He is so real and loves us all so much that to turn Him away would be to give up all hope of a happy life and peace for all eternity. Ask God to help you now and He won't let you down! God bless!
- Barry Kennesaw, GA USA


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