Interviews 50 Cents Indiana State Fair
Uptown, Downtown

Rebel Logan: You'd be surprised how many people believe in bad blood. My dad was a convict. My mom was a, you know, inmate, you know, in a juvenile reform school right away. She was 16 when she had me. People didn't want their kids around me -- you see what I mean. I run off from the orphanage when I was 11 years old. You know, I've been all over the United States except for Hawaii. I was coming through Springfield and going through colored town, and a guy takes and throws a McDonalds, you know, gravy and biscuits at me. Do you know what I mean? I've had pop bottles thrown at me, beer bottles. And I was down in Claremore, Oklahoma and had a guy hit me in the back of the head with a ball bat and took a big old hunk out of it, clear down to the scalp. (shows back of head)

Alex Chadwick: Oh, yeah.

Rebel Logan: I've been shot at. My legs are all shot at. You know, I've got a hole clear through my leg, you know. Like I said, it's just as bad on a hitchhiker out there as it the person who picked him up.

Alex Chadwick: Hold on just a minute. (race horses pass by in background)


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