Interviews 50 Cents Indiana State Fair
Uptown, Downtown

Max Gordon: Now, you can interview me what you want ...

Alex Chadwick: Well, let me ask you what your proudest moment was, as a Jersey man?

Max Gordon: Winning the Nationals. I went in the Nationals in '46 and I sold a cow for $21,000.

Alex Chadwick:In 1946, you sold a cow for $21,000?

Max Gordon: Yes

Alex Chadwick: That sounds like a lot of money for a cow in 1946.

Max Gordon: That's right. I'm Max Gordon -- and --

Alex Chadwick: Do you suppose you're the most famous Jersey man in the world?

Max Gordon: Well, they're writing up my history, but I don't know whether I'm the most famous or not. I worked seven days a week for 53 years. And I'm quitting September the 10th.

Alex Chadwick: You're about to retire?.

Max Gordon: Yep, I'm gonna retire.

Alex Chadwick: Well, what are you going to do?

Max Gordon: What am I gonna do?

Alex Chadwick: Yeah.

Max Gordon: Nothing...


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