Interviews 50 Cents

Uptown, Downtown, Out of Town

Uptown, Downtown

Alex Chadwick: Look, this says "Interviews, 50 cents." We are going to pay you 50 cents.

Frances Poole (sixth interview subject): Fifty cents for this interview? It's not worth it.

Alex Chadwick: Come on. I haven't talked to anybody all day that's been shot at.

Frances Poole: Well --

Alex Chadwick: I certainly haven't talked to a canoe all day that's been shot at.

Frances Poole: Two boys had come in, and I went up front to wait on this little boy. Well, he was 15. And he drew a gun and said "Give me all of your money or I'll kill ya." So, I said, "I'm sorry, but I'm too scared to move." I had a pile of bags in my hand. I said, "I'm too scared to move." He said -- he hollered to the boy that was watching out for people to come, and he said, "What should I do?" And he said, "Just kill her and then take the money." At that time, I jumped behind the safe and he shot safe -- he shot the jar of pickles on the safe. Glass went flying every place, and went back through the pop bottles, and the pop bottles exploded and hit the wall. When he shot at me, I was just like a fire siren. I just couldn't quit screaming. And I was screaming, and the boys got scared, and they went running up the hill. And they shot at the girl in the back, and the shot at the kids out here that were burning the trash for me. So, anyway, he was arrested, and I don't know what happened to him after that.


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